AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Season 3 - Sign-Up & Info |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Season 3 - Sign-Up & Info

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Jan 13, 2014

What day and time do events start?
Race nights will begin every Friday from 19:30 UK time (GMT).

When will the season start? The first race of the season will run in the first week of the 2016 S4 season.

How do I get involved in this? You will need to express your interest in this thread, and confirm that interest once the deadline has passed to complete your entry.

What are the entry requirements? You will need to have a licence class of D Class 4.00 or above. You are free to sign up during pre-season regardless, but you will be denied entry upon the start of the season if you do not meet the requirement. You are also expected to be active on the forum in order to receive the latest updates and session passwords.

How do I register as part of a team? Simply state your team preferences - if you wish to run under a particular team and with which driver. There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team at any one time. Drivers can be changed but this will need to be authorised by the League Coordinators.

How many spaces are available?
There will be a maximum of 35 spaces, with a reserve list (maximum of 10 at one time). Once the spaces have been allocated, the sign up thread will be closed until a seat has been vacated.

What happens if I'm on the reserve list? All drivers on the reserve list will be approached every week by the League Coordinators who will offer you a seat in place of an absent driver. Please keep active on the forums in order to receive these messages and accept any potential invite. Members that are inactive for two weeks on the forums will be removed from the reserve list.

Can I participate in a 'one off' race? We will not be accepting one off 'wildcard' entries for drivers who wish to dip their toe in the water. It is recommended that you get to know the car in the official iRacing series before committing to the league. Once you sign up, you are expected to participate across all twelve races.

How is the Championship structured? Twelve races will feature on the calendar, with each round running the circuit being run in the official events during that week.

There will be two drop weeks, meaning that your worst points scores will be dropped at the completion of the season.

Race night structure? Please refer to the rules and regulations for the league.

Are setups permitted? This Championship is open to setup modification.

What is the points system?
1st - 32 pts
2nd - 28 pts
3rd - 25 pts
4th - 22 pts
5th - 20 pts
6th - 18 pts
7th - 16 pts
8th - 14 pts
9th - 12 pts
10th - 11 pts
11th - 10 pts
12th - 9 pts
13th - 8 pts
14th - 7 pts
15th - 6 pts
16th - 5 pts
17th - 4 pts
18th - 3 pts
19th - 2 pts
20th - 1 pt
21st-30th - 0 pts

*One individual point for pole position, fastest lap and completing a race with 0x incidents

Are there any recommended files to download? If you so wish to create your own team livery you can find the Formula Renault 2.0 template under the "Paint" section. Trading Paints is also recommended to upload and show off your livery on race night as well as making the rest of the grid look suited and booted!

Will there be any coverage of the races? Nothing has been officially announced, but every race is generally covered in one way or another. Multiple drivers livestream their races onboard, others also upload their perspectives online too and delayed official coverage was aired on YouTube by the league during Season 1.

Driver List:

Below is the list of drivers who have expressed an interest in competing in this league. You will need to further confirm your interest once the deadline passes in order to claim your space on the grid.

Please make your entry in the following format:
Number preference - Name - iRacing Club/Nation - Team (if applicable) - Licence

*Car #1 is reserved for the AOR FR2.0 Season 1 Champion.
Please refer to the AOR Driver Number List to see which numbers are currently reserved for AOR league drivers.

Last Updated 16/11/2016 17:36

33/35 spaces taken
5 on reserve list

#034 Laurens de Rijk @Lorrentz - Benelux - Infinity Racing -
#2 Steve Kagerer @Steve Kagerer - Canada - North Atlantic Racing - B 3.73
#4 Alexander Waldo @The Genius - Scandinavia - Team Terrapin - C 3.77
#5 Jordan Howson @x Shuffle - UK&I - Privateer -
#7 Christian A Koch @Christian Koch - DE-AT-CH - Vektor Evo Sonic -
#8 Stephen Chambers3 @StevieSQ - UK&I - Team Terrapin - B 3.01
#10 Luke WS White @Hoff - UK&I - North Atlantic Racing - B 2.35
#13 Søren Kruse @Krusen - Scandinavia - Kruse Racing - A 3.52
#16 Bruno Domiter @Bruno Domiter - Central Eastern Europe - TDT Racing - B 2.81
#19 Tim AJ Wijffels @Tim AJ Wijffels - Benelux - NSR Motorsports - C 2.43
#20 Knut Martinsen @FisiFan91 - Scandinavia - Force Fisi - A 3.47
#22 Jouni Silvasti @lokitekki - Finland - Privateer - B 4.99
#23 Manuel Heuer @heuer91 - DE-AT-CH - Vektor Evo MR -
#24 Kris Robinson @GenericOverlord - UK&I - Privateer - A 3.62
#27 Vittorio Saltalamacchia @VICSALT - UK&I - Kinduci Racing - B 3.14
#28 Christoph Leister @Leister-Meister - DE-AT-CH - Vektor LM Racing -
#32 Lee N Robinson @xII robo IIx - UK&I - Force Fisi - C 2.87
#35 Kerry Knowlden @Kptk92 - UK&I - Aperture Motorsport - B 3.73
#43 Andrew Browne2 @Browneskiii - UK&I - Privateer - B 3.25
#44 Phil Reid @McPhilen - UK&I - Aperture Motorsport - B 1.16
#47 Odd Jonas Willmann @Brinkk - Scandinavia - Privateer - C 3.30
#54 Gunar Nijenhuis @Gunar Nijenhuis - Benelux - Carbon Racing - B 4.20
#70 Patrick Kessler2 @Patrick Kessler - DE-AT-CH - Vektor LM Racing -
#77 Nathaniel Simpson @Nathaniel Simpson - UK&I - Simpson Racing - A 2.18
#87 Michael Mittner @Mitti87 - DE-AT-CH - Vektor LM Rennsport -
#89 Kristian Takacs @Synergi - Scandinavia - Privateer - A 3.32
#99 Jean-Francois Godin @J-F Godin - Canada - Vektor Evo Sonic - B 4.99
#129 Rene Osterkamp @Osterkamp - DE-AT-CH - Vektor Evo MR -
#147 Robert Plumley @Robert Plumley - UK&I - Kinduci Racing - A 3.44
#222 Andy Cowey @camo - UK&I - Vektor LM Rennsport -
#316 Tye Macleod @Tye - UK&I - Infinity Racing - C 2.04
#888 Fredrik Johansson3 @frejo - Scandinavia - Team Tortoise - A 2.47
#999 Evan RT Imray @Erti147 - UK&I - Team Tortoise - A 2.06

Reserve/Waiting List (in order of sign up):

Drivers placed on the Reserve/Waiting List must remain active on the forums to receive opportunities to race. Drivers inactive for more than 2 weeks on the forums will be automatically removed.

#86 Janick Nijenhuis @Janick Nijenhuis - Benelux - Carbon Racing Orange - B 3.26
#21 Harley Lewis @Lewis - Canada - Carbon Racing Orange - B 3.52
#66 Helge Brikzinsky @Helsh Brisky - DE-AT-CH - Privateer - A 3.41
#48 Kevin Golden2 @coldestginger - UK&I - Privateer - C 4.45
#64 Dylan Hember @Dylan Hember - UK&I - Privateer - C 3.48
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Christian Koch

AOR iRacing 2-time Formula Renault 2.0 Champion
Apr 5, 2016
The Vektor Simsport Group announces its line up for S3 of the AOR FR2.0 Season

Evo Sonic:
#7 Christian Koch @Christian Koch - License A 3.71
#99 Jean-Francois Godin @J-F Godin

LM Rennsport:
#87 Michael Mittner @Mitti87
#222 Andy Cowey @camo

LM Racing:
#70 Patrick Kessler @Patrick Kessler
#28 Christoph Leister @Leister-Meister

Evo MR:
#129 Rene Osterkamp @Osterkamp
#23 Manuel Heuer @heuer91

We hope for yet another successful season and would like to thank the admins for their continued hard work after two years of graft.
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Jan 14, 2014
Hell yes! :)

#888 Fredrik Johansson3 @frejo - Scandinavia(Sweden) - Team Tortoise - A 2.47
#999 Evan RT Imray @Erti147 - UK&I(Scotland) - Team Tortoise - A 2.06
Confirmed lel


#8 - Stephen Chambers3 - UK&I - Team Terrapin - B3.01
#4 - Alexander Waldo - Scandinavia - Team Terrapin- C?.??

@The Genius
Wowwwwwwwwww this is the first I've heard of this
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