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Nov 17, 2018
AOR Forza - Code Of Conduct: March 2019

Here's an overview of what we will be enforcing in the future. If any situation breeches something highlighted in this Code Of Conduct it is up to the discretion of the Steward Team to make an appropriate penalty call. It's imperative that all calls made reinforce and abide by the rules and penalty procedures written here in order to maintain consistency across all penalties.

On Track Behaviour

AOR Forza expects everyone to be respectful on track. Drive as safe and as fair as possible. Give space to your peers and know when to give up a position when it is no longer your corner. Making contact with another competitor that results in that driver leaving the circuit may result in a Steward Investigation that can incur penalties.

Mic Behaviour

Microphones are required for all users competing at AOR Forza. You MUST be able to hear Lobby instructions and the start time from your designated race marshall host. Members should never shout out vulgarities and obscenities towards other members. Only general race related conversation will be accepted during an event.

Any collision or crash caused by a lack of communication is subject to investigation and possible penalization by the stewards.

Forum Behaviour

All members of the forum are expected to display an appropriate behavior on the forum. While discussions are welcomed, they must remain civil and respectful. Poor behavior will not be tolerated - this includes any comments which could be considered racist, sexist, or offensive by admins. Inappropriate content - including pornography, violence, attacks on religion/politics or other sensitive areas will not be tolerated. Any links posted which lead users to potential malware or offensive content will result in a forum ban. Please refrain from advertising other racing series or sites: this strictly opposes the growth of AOR Forza and is not welcomed.

Responsible use of Social Media

Please use the follwing guidelines when discusing content on any social media platform that references, directly or indirectly, any AOR Forza event.

Never post malicious, misleading or unfair content about any organisation, colleagues, competitors or others. Do not post content that is obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory to an individual, brand or entity. Always act in a professional and constructive manner and use sound judgement before posting. Always be polite and respectful of individuals’ opinions, especially when discussions become heated. Show proper consideration for other people’s privacy. Posts should be accurate and fact-checked and capable of substantiation. If you do make a mistake, ensure you correct it promptly. Always ensure that any criticism is backed up with solid evidence.

Lobby Lag-outs

If there is a lag-out in the parade lap or the first lap, the driver that lagged out is sent to the back of the grid, ahead of any drivers serving grid penalties. Only one attempt shall be made to get the driver back in the lobby, if there is a 2nd lag-out by the same driver then they shall miss the race and be classed as DNS.

Headlights and Night racing

During a night race if a driver damages BOTH headlights they shall be required to make a pit stop and repair their car. Not being able to be seen by competitors is a massive safety hazard.

Unnecessary Contact

No contact should occur during a race at AOR Forza. Drivers are expected to take any necessary measures to avoid interfering with another driver’s race. Here are some tips:

Brake early and calmly for the first corner of ANY race. While drivers intentions are good when they slow down earlier than usual, they often brake too hard affecting drivers behind.

The race can't be won in turn 1, but it certainly could be lost.

Anticipate your opponent's next move and prepare for it. As a rule of thumb, aim to brake before they do as to ensure you will not run into the back of them.

Always be weary to give drivers around you space. Try to refrain from tracking out of corners when drivers are next to you.

Unsafe Driving

Unsafe driving can lead to serious trouble and penalties here at AOR Forza. Unsafe driving includes


Brake checking


Unsafe rejoining

Corner cutting

Driving Backwards

Bump Drafting

Due to the inconsistencies between servers, nose-to-tail contact should be avoided at all costs. While getting taken out by a “lag-punch” is undoubtedly frustrating, it is the fault of the follow car for the incident. Any ensuing crash caused by a driver who chooses to bump-draft will result in that specific driver being at fault.


Overtaking should be made cleanly without contact. The car being overtaken should never put either car in harm's way. During Multi-class overtaking always remember that the slower cars should stick to their racing line, it is the faster cars job to find a safe route around the slower cars. Use your microphone to communicate any type of passing and lapping. When lapping a member politely relay to them before doing so. While being lapped allow them to pass you at a safe zone on the track. If a driver is found to prevent a member from lapping them, they will face consequences.


Blocking is not tolerated, but defensive driving is allowed. If a driver moves off the racing line before the car behind attempts to overtake, this is defensive driving. If they move off the racing line after the car behind has started to move across to overtake, this is blocking. If a driver is driving defensively they may move off the line and back onto it only once per straight/section.

Cutting Corners

Corner-cutting is simply not permitted. At times cuts are purely accidental, but members must try to adhere to clean lines as much as humanly possible. Specific track limits will be defined leading up to each race. Any driver who travels beyond the specified limit will be penalized. If you have any questions please ask a staff member before choosing to take a questionable racing line.

Driving Backwards, Wall Riding and Dirt Braking

Driving backwards, wall riding or dirt braking during any AOR Forza event is not permitted. Being seen doing so will result in being penalized or an automatic ban from the event.

Swapping Drivers

Unless it is stated within the rules of an event, using more than one driver under the same gamertag is not allowed. Any members found to be using different drivers under the same gamertag will be penalized or banned.

Exploiting the Game

Any member found to exploit the game during any AOR Forza event is not permitted. Doing so will result in being penalized or an automatic ban from the event.

Offensive Material

All AOR Forza liveries must adhere to the Xbox Live Terms of Use and the Xbox Live Code of Conduct which excludes the following from being displayed on a car:

Profane words/phrases

Topics or content of a sexual manner

Hate speech

Illegal drugs or controlled substances

Illegal activities

Controversial religious topics

Notorious people or organizations

Sensitive current/historical events

Any “sound-alike” or “look-alike” phrases

Tobacco sponsored liveries

Outline of penalizable offenses

In-Race Offenses

1.1) Offence: Jump Start

1.1.1) On a rolling start, any driver who accelerates too early or goes above the target speed before the announced time and consequently gains an advantage because of this.

1.1.2) On a standing start, any driver who leaves the grid too early and consequently gains an advantage because of this.

1.2) Offence: Cutting Corners

1.2.1) Cutting of the circuit with the whole car which results in time and/or positions gained.

1.2.2) Using a run-off area which is delegated an illegal run-off area, with the whole car which results in time and/or positions gained.

1.2.3 - Qualifying clarification) If excessive corner cutting is deemed to have taken place in a lobby the driver shall receive a penalty for the following race.

1.3) Offence: Pit Entry

1.3.1) Cutting the pit entry to the circuit with the whole car which results in time and/or positions gained.

1.3.2) Wall-riding into the pit lane at full speed in order to maintain as much speed as possible

1.4) Offence: Dangerous Circuit Re-entry

1.4.1) Re-entering the circuit from the pit exit procedure onto the racing line, which hampers the speed or direction of a following competitor

1.4.2) Re-joining the circuit after going wide which causes other drivers to take evasive action and/or contact

1.4.3) Re-joining the circuit after an incident or crash which causes other drivers to take evasive action and/or contact

- Evasive action defined as the following car having to let off the accelerator considerably, applying the brakes in an area where he would not normally, or steering off the racing line in a forced fashion.

1.5) Offence: Blocking

1.5.1) Protecting a position by moving over on a car already committing to a pass, as related to the racing line. You may not move over onto a competitor which forces them off the circuit, or creates contact.

1.5.2) Running wide on a corner when your competitor is fully on your outside, which forces them off the track with contact

1.6) Offence: Illegal Position Gain

1.6.1) Creating contact with another driver which causes them to lose control and benefiting from the contact.

1.7) Offence: Causing Contact

1.7.1) Causing contact with a competitor in front, either by missing braking point, or failing to react in time to car in front, which results in contact.

1.7.2) On track action that initiates contact which may result in damage

1.7.3) Moving over from the outside to inside (or vice versa) which initiates contact with fellow driver in close proximity

1.7.4) Creating contact which results in opponent losing position and/or track time.

1.8) Offence: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

1.8.1) Driving backwards at any time during Qualifying or Race sessions

1.8.2) Exhibiting behavior which can be classed as Childish and not in the interest of fair play on track

1.8.3) Application of the E-Brake or any game action which can be classed as ‘messing about’

1.8.4) Swearing prolifically and consistently over the game chat channels.

1.8.5) Discussing politics during race conditions

1.8.6) Exploiting any in game glitches or faults which may be used to benefit a racer

2.0) Car Build Offenses

2.1) Offence: Illegal Car Build

2.1.1) PI incorrect from target number as stated in the rules

2.1.2) Any additional hp, torque or parts which are not allowed, as found in the replay telemetry

2.2) Offence: Incorrect Car Build

2.2.1) Different wheels on the subject car, without the weight changing

2.2.2) Car build proven to be lower in performance and subsequently lower than the car’s target PI


The stewards team has multiple options regarding penalties:

3.1) Time penalties

3.1.1) Time penalties are as followed: 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds. Based on the offense the stewards team reserved the right to apply any multitude of the 3 options.

3.2) Points penalties

3.2.1) In some cases we can opt for a deduction in championship points. Deductions replace a time penalty if one can't be apply. Or are applied alongside a time penalty.

3.3) Qualifying ban

3.3.1) If time and/or point penalties don't do the severity of the incident justice, a qualifying ban can be issued. A qualifying ban can be applied in two options.

3.3.2) Option 1: You're allowed to qualify but will start last in your lobby.

3.3.3) Option 2: Complete exclusion from qualifying. You'll start last in the lowest lobby.

3.3.4) A qualifying ban must be served. If you fail to make the next round, you'll have to serve it the next meeting you attend.

3.3.5) We may choose to carry a qualifying ban over to a different series.

3.3.6) If you accumulate 5 penalties and/or official warnings in a series a qualifying ban will be issued on top of the penalty.

3.4) Disqualification

3.4.1) For severe cases of but not limited to: cheating, unsafe driving, exploiting the game and disregarding AOR their code of conduct we can choose to DQ a driver.

3.4.2) A disqualification will void the points gained from a certain round.

3.5) Race Ban

3.5.1) A race ban can be applied to exclude a driver from the next round in a championship.

3.5.2) We can choose to make a race ban carry over to future series.

3.5.3) Race bans, like disqualifications, are only applied in severe cases. They can only be applied when a participant has shown intent to purposefully take out fellow competors . Or purposefully tried to damage the brand AOR and/or their partners.

3.5.4) A race ban can be stretched to completely exclude a competitor from any AOR Forza events in the future.

The AOR Forza Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time.
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