AOR Forza MX-5 Cup - Registration - Cancelled |

AOR Forza MX-5 Cup - Registration - Cancelled

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DOR Martxn

Forza Coordinator
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Forza Coordinator
May 31, 2016
Please register in this thread, all drivers must register a team of at least 1 driver in the following format.

Team Name:
Driver 1) Gamertag #race number
Driver 2) Gamertag #race number
Driver 3) Gamertag #race number


How to make sure you're registered, and ready to race?

1. Request a race number, if you haven't got one already. This can be done here
2. Fill out the registration in this thread.
3. Use the sign-in threads to sign you into every race. This is so we know how many lobbies we have to host. A sign-in thread will open one week before the race, and close one hour before it.

Once you have registered please sign in each week, a new thread will be opened for each round the day after the race. You have until 7 pm UK time (1 hour before qualy start) the day of the race to sign in. After this deadline we will NOT be accepting entries. For 3 helpful reminders to remind you to sign yourself up join our Discord so you never have to miss a round!

AMS Kustom Dipz

Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 13, 2019
Team Name: Alien Motorsport
Car: Mx5
Driver 1) AMS Kustom Dipz - 656
Driver 2) AMS Chum - 918
Driver 3) AMS B3astshadow - 574
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