PS4 - AOR GP2 - Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - 26/2/17 - 8:00PM UK |

PS4 AOR GP2 - Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - 26/2/17 - 8:00PM UK

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Jan 18, 2014
If you want to see an example of the sort of racing that is expected in AOR then you only need to watch my video later tonight when it uploads. :)
Exactly. Don't watch my video bc it will show you f*** all


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Jan 30, 2015
I get that. And I know that the drivers in this league are not bandits at heart. No one is trying to cause crashes.
But also, no one is trying to avoid crashes.
I get it now. AOR staff have stated and made it real clear. Contact is not avoidable. Written rules are just for show. There's nothing that can be done about drivers who can't keep control of their car around traffic. Therefore contact is allowed as long as you say it was an accident.
Dude come on we've said it a million times, everyone is doing their best to avoid crashes whether it feels like it to you or not. And as we've said a million times before as well, just record your race and take any incidents to the stewards if you feel there was wrongdoing. I appreciate it can feel very rough and tumble in the midfield with cars all going for gaps and sometimes people being too ambitious but there is very little those who run the league can do about that. They can't see a crash and instantly start apportioning blame without taking into consideration all the factors the stewards panel does. SO like we've said, record and go to the stewards panel with a genuine inquiry (without sarcy comments) if you feel there was an issue and there they can prove to you contact isn't "allowed".

Also, it might be best to lose the attitude man (I mean I know I have a rep for being a miserable prick so its a bit rich I admit but still), it makes you look bad and your arguments lose weight when they have the attitude, and I'm sure thats not what you're really like :)
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Jan 14, 2014
That was a good battle. Although my car was pretty much undriveable. I will upload my video later.
Yeah you were so slow in sector 1 with 2-2 wings but impossible to overtake on the straight even when I was in rich with DRS you were still pulling away from me. Looking forward to seeing your view. :)


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Nov 30, 2015
From last to p6...and tnx again to @zWoody he gifted me back the place that he took from me))
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