AOR Gran Turismo Sport Social Race - Suzuka GP [21/10/17] |

AOR Gran Turismo Sport Social Race - Suzuka GP [21/10/17]


S12 AOR PS4 GP2 Champion
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Jan 30, 2015
8PM UK Time
Lobby opens at 7:45PM
Race will end around 9:15PM

Please sign up with your PSN name and which Gr3 car you'd like to drive.

Lobby Settings:

Host: @HRacingGreen
10 minutes
Race Length: 60 minutes
Grid Order: Fastest First
Cars: BoP Gr3
Weather: Clear
Rules and Flags: On
Visual Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Ghosting: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: None
Corner Cutting Penalty: Invalidate Lap
Wall Contact Penalty: Invalidate Lap
Wall Contact Sensitivity: Weak
Time of Day: 12:00
Starting Fuel: Default
Tyres Available: RH, RM, RS, RSS
Wear Multipliers:
Tyres 2x, Fuel 2x

Regular AOR rules apply. TC and ABS are enabled, all other assists will be banned. There are no livery and number restrictions.

Cars Taken: 11/16

  1. @HRacingGreen - HRacingGreen2400 - BMW M6
  2. @IntergalacticGentleman - OctopusMachine - Subaru WRX
  3. @Ali Kidd - ali_k_17 - Honda NSX
  4. @NumptyNed - x - x
  5. @eminem09494 - eminem09494 - Hyundai Genesis
  6. @Mikhail24RD - Mikhail24RD - Nissan GTR
  7. @jamie-995 - jamie-995 - Toyota FT-1
  8. @alexukr - alex1994128 - Mercedes AMG GT
  9. @Andrei Codreanu - Chazy90 - x
  10. @mallucm - mallucm - Honda NSX
  11. @RedMatt - Redjams22 - Toyota FT-1

So, with the release of GTSport, I thought it might be fun to have a look into how the game stacks up in a league situation. However, there are some quirks that we will need to work out and that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, the qualifying will be a 10 minute session, that's 10 minutes from when the lobby loads in. There will be a 15 minute free run prior to the qualifying starting to allow everyone to join in time. Once everyone is in, I will edit the settings accordingly and qualifying will begin once the lobby reloads.

There is no qualifying time limit available, so I will keep an eye on the timer in the bottom right hand corner and begin the final when that reaches 10 minutes.

Finally, private lobbies sadly do not work very well at the moment so this will be a public lobby and I will just keep kicking those who join incorrectly. The title of the lobby will be "AOR Social" and it will be a lot easier to find the lobby if you add me on PSN: HRacingGreen2400.

One other thing, there's no pressure to join this, even if 4 or 5 people join that'll be enough as I would just like to see how this game works in a league situation and how suitable it would be/what format we need to use for a future league.
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Formula 3 1st Driver
Mar 13, 2017
Haven't got the finances to buy the game yet mate, will be interested in future ones once I get it


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Jul 15, 2016
If I can get on then I will join, I will look at the cars tonight to see what I can use.


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Jan 1, 2017
Thanks for the heads up but don't have the game yet but you could maybe send a link to the main F1 thread if you want.


S12 AOR PS4 GP2 Champion
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Jan 30, 2015
@alexukr will take part in the Mercedes AMG
@NumptyNed I need your PSN

And remember everyone, look for the room called "AOR Social", add me as a friend to be able to find it easier :)


S12 AOR PS4 GP2 Champion
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Jan 30, 2015
Room is open
Name is "AOR Social"
ID is 0474-6198-2991-9349-8692
Lobby will be a free run from now until everyone has joined and quali can begin :)


S12 AOR PS4 GP2 Champion
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Jan 30, 2015
New lobby, same name, friends only this time to stop ectras joining, hopfully it works


S12 AOR PS4 GP2 Champion
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Jan 30, 2015
Some positives and some negatives from this race for sure.

Accidentaly started on hard tyres but had good pace regardless, made a few errors that I need to iron out. My fuel and tyre saving seems on point tho, so hopefully with a bit more practice I can nail the strat, as my attempted 1 stop failed. Then my wheel died. I also forgot that exiting to kick a pleb deletes your lap, so the public lobby issue really need to be sorted.

Other than the freeze, it seems this game is extremely smooth and stable online, which bodes really well. Will turn off wall collision penalties because those are daft. The 2x multipliers made the strategy interesting so those are a shout. In the real thing, you'd have to start on the same compound you qualified on btw, since I aim to keep it the same lobby.

Great drive from @eminem09494 as well, pace and conservation was excellent.

Thanks to everyone for joining too, really pleased with how it went :)