PS4 - AOR GT SPORT LEAGUE - MAZDA MX-5 Touring Car CUP - Rd. 4 @Laguna Seca |

PS4 AOR GT SPORT LEAGUE - MAZDA MX-5 Touring Car CUP - Rd. 4 @Laguna Seca


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May 20, 2016
Bit late I know but here's my race report.

Qualy - 2nd: Put together another good qualy to end the season and put together a very good lap, it was slightly annoying to miss out on pole by around half a tenth in the end, but I was very satisfied to be starting on the front row.

Feature - 1st: Had a good getaway and was able to take the lead at T1 and due to Ash being in the wars early on it allowed me to pull a nice gap very early on, by the time I came in for my first stop I had about a 10 second lead and felt it was my race to lose at that point.

But then things took a turn for the unexpected as it became clear by lap 10 that Hasnain was doing a 1 stopper, and I knew if he pulled it off he would have the lead after my second stop so suddenly a race that I thought I had a good hold over was now in serious jeopardy.

It meant I had to push for the reminder of the race to have a chance to win, Hasnain made his stop and I was around 8 seconds behind at that point, I made my 2nd a few laps later but I came out only about 2-3 seconds behind and at that point I knew that I was back in with a reasonable chance.

And I managed to catch him in a couple laps however and when he had a slightly poor exit at T6 the next lap I was able to pass him at the corkscrew for the net lead, after that for the reminder of the race I pulled a small lead over him and saw it out to win the race and clinch the championship with a race to go.

Sprint - 2nd: After the feature it seemed clear that not stopping would likely be the best strategy, and as a result the first half of the race not much happened really, I gained a few places here or there but that was due to drivers having offs.

But it become clear who wasn't stopping as by lap 8 there was myself and 3 others who hadn't pitted, I knew at that point that was who I was racing, but I was in 4th a couple seconds behind Ash & Nico and Hasnain who was in the lead had a couple seconds lead over them.

with about 4/5 laps to go I started to push a bit harder and began reeling in Ash & Nico, and in a couple laps I had joined there battle for 2nd however things took a unexpected turn as Ash just drove a tad wide exiting T6 and spun out clipping the dirt, as a result Nico had to also take avoiding action and because of that I was able to get ahead of him before the corkscrew for 2nd.

But that was it for my race as Hasnain was now a good 6 seconds clear, and with a couple laps to go at this point I knew realistically that there was no way I could catch him, so I had to bring it home for 2nd.

Looking back at that night, I was very happy obviously with not just the results of this round but to also win the championship, I certainly didn't expect to win it in the manner I did as after round 1 I honestly thought it looked wide open to pretty much everyone and would go down to the wire, but in the end it didn't work out that way - not that I'm complaining.:LOL:

But going back to this round congrats to Hasnain on his win & podium (and taking 2nd overall), well done to Ash on his podium, pole (and top 3 overall), and special mention for Nico - pleased to see him get his first podium (owed one after what happened in the sprint at Brands Hatch) as well to end a impressive rookie season by him.
(Also congrats to Ash & Delaney on the team championship)

As for the season as a whole well Delaney did mention there was a lot of different winners and I can inform those that are interested that 6 different winners this season has tied the previous record, there was also 9 different podium drivers this season however that was one short of the record, and just to mention I've updated the stats thread.

Anyway thanks to the co-ords as always for organising and running the league, and looking forward to next season.
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May 20, 2016
Yep it was laggy, can't really blame you, but we can blame your internet provider :ROFLMAO: Difficult to drive closely near as you don't know if your about to punt a car off or its going to lag bash you into infinity and beyond.
Yeah I have to suspect I had a unstable line or something like that, though the good thing was that it did seem to settle down a bit later in that race.

I will add looking at your replay of the first corner, my car did go and lag slightly inside yours at one point but thankfully it didn't make physical contact with you.

Either way I wish the game had a lag system in place where it turns severely/bad lagging cars into ghosts for not just everyone else but for the lagging driver as well, as at least that way sure it may still be distracting but at least it would take away the risk of a lag crash and if/when the drivers lag settles down the game could return you to physical form.
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