AOR GT SPORT LEAGUE SEASON 2 - Round 2, Autodromo Nazionale Monza - w. chicanes |

AOR GT SPORT LEAGUE SEASON 2 - Round 2, Autodromo Nazionale Monza - w. chicanes

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May 23, 2018
I appreciate your awareness and attention to detail but, It's perfectly OK to put up a bit of a fight to defend your position in the right situation and the moments I mentioned would have been an appropriate time to actually fight for your track position.
Yes remember Teamwork man! If you had held om back for a little while, maybe i wouldnt have had beach-time in lesmo 1 later in that race. :cool:


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May 7, 2018
A couple of brief reports. I'm writing from memory in my lunch break!

Feature Race - Qualified: 1st, Finished: 2nd
Very pleased with my quali lap even though I still had a tenth or two I could have found, but made a mistake as I had wanted to start on the medium tire and forgot I couldn't change from the softs to mediums between qualifying and the race. I guess, if I'd started on quali on mediums and switched to softs in the pits then I would have started on the mediums, so something to remember for next time!

My first lap was truly awful. I was really distracted by some of the confusion on the start procedure and I totally messed up the first corner as a result. I just about managed to not completely bin it and after a tight few laps, I extended my lead from @Wobbuffet and @Ashracer2011 to around three seconds, but having messed up my tire choice I was trying work out my strategy on the fly. I think this contributed to my mistake, as I got onto the curb on the exit of the second Lesmo and spun, hitting the wall. This was why I wanted to start on the Mediums in the first place!

I pitted straight after, deciding to go onto the mediums, aiming to do a long, consistent stint and chase down Ash and Wobbuffet at the end of the race. At my second stop, I could have gone for the softs or the mediums, but decided on the mediums as I wanted to be able to attack at the end of my stint. By this point, I was around 5 seconds behind Ash and, as I hoped, started to reel him in on the last couple of laps. He was, I believe, struggling as the softs went away and on the last lap, having got within 0.8 seconds, I pressured him into a mistake. He spun at the exit of the second Lesmo, a carbon copy of my mistake from earlier in the race.

After my spin, I was fairly happy to have recovered to second.

Sprint Face - Finished: 2nd

Interesting race this. I started well, gaining a place over Ash on the main straight. But, being careful at the opening turn, got bottled up behind the everyone and both @Ashracer2011 and @Wobbuffet overtook me on the outside, leaving me last! I benefited from a few incidents ahead of me and made a few passes, but I lost the race in a struggle to get past @B2K.TSVH who (to his great credit) fought hard and fairly for his place. I really should have made the move stick a couple of times, but was a little too tentative. "To finish first, first you must finish" and all that.

This meant I was only two seconds or so ahead of @Wobbuffet at the pit stop and a combination of his great fuel saving (the Corvette is notoriously good for this) and me overfilling a little, gave him a lead of a few seconds coming out of the pits. Like in the first race, I managed to catch him and got within a second or so by the end, but he held his nerve very well to complete his double.

All-in-all, a really great couple of races and congrats to @Wobbuffet for a great performance.

(Ok, not so brief)
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