AOR GT SPORT LEAGUE SEASON 3 - Xmas Cup 4th round Gr.1 @ Le Mans (THE GREAT BIG FINALE) |


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Jan 1, 2017
Race Report:
Qualifying - P3
I did set a lap good enough for pole, but got a 3s penalty at Indianapolis, so I was stuck with my banker which put me P3.

Race - P1
After seeing how long the pit lane time loss was, I decided go for a 1 stop though this basically required me to save fuel for the whole race. I'd hoped Phantom and Ash would battle more at the start so I could get into their slipstream but it wasn't to be. Ash had to 2 stop, which meant it was between me and Phantom for the win. On one of the laps he made a mistake at one the chicanes, I had the run on him but decided to stick back and save the fuel so I can push more later. However after that he'd pulled away again after a few mistakes from myself and I was beginning to regret not taking him when I had the chance. Unfortunately for him, the game gave him quite a harsh penalty somewhere on the last lap which gave me the win. It was nice to win but didn't feel right as @TubbyPhantom definitely deserved this one.


Congrats to @Ashracer2011 on winning the Xmas Cup, had great pace throughout. I guess my car choice at Bathurst just let me down in the end. Also congrats to the GP1 boys on the constructors title.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, but especially to @Delaney and @BL99DY-NINE who put in the hard work to make it all possible.


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Dec 2, 2018
Qualifying p2, was on a lap over 2.7 seconds quicker that would put me on a high 2:17 but unfortunately caught another driver in a really bad point in the last sector so had to settle for second, but wasn't too worried about it. Race p2, got a steady start and felt really comfortable, @Ashracer2011 made a mistake in the first chicane which left me right behind so was happy to interrupt his progress on the long straights while still saving fuel, but with the speed of his porsche coming out of corners it wasn't long until he pulled out a gap. I wasn't concerned though as I knew it was impossible in that car to one stop and I already knew that @Hasnain was on exactly the same strategy as me so was keeping an eye on him. Unfortunately for me my brake failed massively in the first chicane on the long straight and I lost control and lost alot of time and @Hasnain was right on me. I was not trusting my brakes fully for the next lap or so but managed to pull out another gap, which I held coming onto the final lap. Unfortunately I got given a 7 seconds penalty for apparently cutting the chicane and I tried to delay acceleration out of the corners from the bottom hairpin onwards thinking that with the track being narrow I could maybe hold him off, but once we got side by side and still having over 3 seconds of penalty left I knew I needed to be in front into the last chicane and my plan was to park it in the middle and hope I could run the timer down, but @Hasnain had enough to bring home a, win. So congrats to him on that, and congrats to @Ashracer2011 on his championship win. Enjoyed some good racing and looking forward to season 4!
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