PS4 - AOR GT Sport League Season 4- Gr.4 (GT4) - Round 8 Nürburgring Nordschleife |

PS4 AOR GT Sport League Season 4- Gr.4 (GT4) - Round 8 Nürburgring Nordschleife


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
Race Report:

Starting in championship order was somewhat of a blessing, it meant the speedy jags were a few places behind and would have to navigate a couple of quick drivers also before they could use their top speed advantage to the fullest. Knowing that the Alfa's speciality is cornering it was important in the first few laps to keep a clean laps in the first half of the lap minimising any losses on the longer power hungry stretches and make time in the second half of the circuit where the more technical corners where based and the Jaguar F-Types would suffer in the turns. Seeing @TubbyPhantom plow through the field I began to get a bit worried he wasn't going to stop after despatching with @Wobbuffet and @Hasnain's cars he continued to gain a little. Immediately I began to respond, knowing that my Medium tyres were capable of more speed and with some careful driving they could be stretched to 4 laps around this behemoth of a track, fuel was also a key factor keeping the usage down meant possibly a small gain in the pit stops could be had should I need the extra buffer.

So the race continued and the gap leveled off, partly due to @TubbyPhantom's tyre wear in the jaguar being a lot higher despite his brilliant pace on the harder compound tyre the Mediums where just enough to edge a couple of seconds each lap in my favour. Into the pit stops and a change of strategy, given how long it takes to go down the final straight before the bridge there was plenty of time to work out that the final phase of the race was most likely to be 9 Laps instead of the 8 previously mentioned, so changing to Hards was the safest option to make sure that I brought it home.

The first few laps on hands were steady, mainly to avoid making any mistakes and to minimise the wear as this was going to be a very important stint to keep speed at the end of as Tubby began to close in around 8s behind. After lap 7 I began to push a little harder making time up as mentioned in the more technical corner sectors where the Alfa was at home, fuel was actually an issue briefly, knowing that this would be the case the stint involved a lot of fuel saving early on which was helped by those steady laps. Eventually the pace leveled from the charging @TubbyPhantom in his GP1 Esports Jaguar and I just kept to the pace I was already doing which enabled the gap to grow a couple of seconds at the end of each lap, Tubby's plan was to wait for a mistake, but unfortunately I realised this to and wanted to make sure that all my hard work avoiding mistakes so far wasn't lost out so I avoided taking to many risks and left a bit of margin in it for the final lap.

Season Conclusion/Thoughts:

It's been an interesting season and certainly has evolved some interesting battles, the Alfa has certainly been a good car, initially I was unsure as it felt very unstable and possibly undrivable, but over the season I have come to enjoy driving it a lot. It's not a car to everyone's tastes but certainly in the right pair of hands it's pretty handy if you can live with the backend making sure it doesn't get to tail happy. As @TubbyPhantom describes it, its like watching Marc Marquez going into corners :p

As for the Series, Gr.4s have been a little surprise I think, initially I think they felt quite slow but actually they've proved to be a superb group of cars when it comes to racing each other.

I'd like to thank everyone who joined the series as a fellow competitor, it was a pleasure through the ups and downs of the season, I hope we can continue to build on what is becoming a great thing within AOR GT Sport Leagues. We have some of the absolute finest drivers of all calibres of pace and ability and you all manage to maintain the fairest and cleanest racing week in and week out, it's a testament to your ability and commitment to making this a fantastic league.

Also a big thanks/ commiserations my closest championship competitors this season @Wobbuffet, @Hasnain @TubbyPhantom and @Gareth Kirk and anybody else I might of missed, it was an epic battle all season, hopefully next season should be an even closer one in the same cars.

Last but by no means least, a HUGE thanks also goes to the organisers of the shenanigans, @BL99DY-NINE @Delaney @Hasnain who keep the ship pointing upright and in the right direction, without a lot of the unseen work you guys do there wouldn't be a league to join. Thank you.
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