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Mar 12, 2016

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Live streaming from RR1 commentated by A.O.R. Evildragon on AOR

Event Information

  • Date: July 4th, 2019
  • Lobby Opens: 7:00 PM (UK Time)
  • Event Starts: 7:45 PM (UK Time)
  • Tire Allocation: RM, RS (Feature) RS, RSS (Sprint)
  • Event Format:
    • Qualifying: 15 Minutes
    • Feature Race: 40 Minutes
    • Grid Start with False Start Check based on Qualifying
    • Sprint Race: 20 Minutes
    • Reverse grid based on Feature Race results
    • In game Rolling start
●Track Map

● Weather Conditions:

● In-game time-of-day:
Morning 08.00

● Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

● No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place.

● Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.

● Save your replay: As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

Startlist for round 2:

Race Room 1:

  1. @VLX_NovA , PSN: VLX_Nova, British, 11ms
  2. @Cpt.JJ, PSN: The_Cpt.JJ, British, 12ms
  3. @SolidNinjaSnake, PSN: SolidNinjaSnake, British, 14ms (5pp)
  4. @TubbyPhantom PSN: RGD_WRAITH, English, 11ms (Room owner RR1)
  5. @Ashracer2011, PSN: Ashracer2011, British, 14ms
  6. @Gareth Kirk, PSN: RGD_Gasmania, English, 15ms (alternative Room owner RR1)
  7. @VLX_Dennis, PSN: VLX_Dennis, Italian, 86ms
  8. @C-FOGARTY, PSN: C-Fogarty, British, 18ms
  9. @LukeEtheridge95, PSN: babaoriley3, British, 14ms
  10. @BL99DY-NINE, PSN: BL99DY-NINE, American, 119ms

  11. Live streaming from RR1 commentated by A.O.R. Evildragon

Race Room 2:
  1. @Meg1s, PSN: Communist_Minion, Finnish, 50ms
  2. @Delaney, PSN: RoninGT-Delaney, Danish, 30ms TBC (Room owner RR2)
  3. @VLX_Maverick, PSN: VLX_Maverick, South African, 29ms
  4. @leedamastr, PSN: X_L33TH3R34P3R_X, British, 34ms
  5. @imfromparis, PSN: Im_from_Paris, American, 11ms TBC
  6. @Hasnain, PSN: AceHasnain_282, British, 14ms
  7. @Jackiid15, PSN: jackiid15, Scottish, 33ms
  8. @Intotheobscurity, PSN: Intotheobscurity, Scottich, 11ms
  9. @GohstvanHunter, PSN: ILRT_Gohst, German, 40 ms
  10. @Irontiger91, PSN: Irontiger91, Scottish, 11ms
  11. @SEAN-GBR, PSN: SEAN_GBR, British, 12ms
  12. @Adam Mattox Connelly, AdamMattoxCly, British, 11ms (From Rd. 4)
  13. @Scuderia_Ethan, PSN: breaknclay, British, 28ms

We will all gather in @Delaney's room before the race (open from 7-ish) for warm-ups. When We reach 16 We will divide into the two Race Rooms

It's been decided that @TubbyPhantom/RGD_WRAITH and @Gareth Kirk/RGD_GasMania will be running the Race Room 1 as I'm too slow and @Hasnain is not available till after the break week. They'll not be full on organisers, so questions regarding rules and so are still to be adressed to @BL99DY-NINE, @Hasnain or @Delaney.

Make sure that You have both of them and me of cause in Your friendlist. Do NOT wait till last second before the race, as You might not be accepted and therefore not able to race.

Informed no show:
  • @cbckly917, PSN: Dudley_1, American, 85ms
  • @Seasor, PSN: Seasor1310, Indian, 4ms (10pp)
Uninformed no show:
  • @PaperviewMike1, PaperviewMike1, American, 79ms (30pp + League ban)
  • @Alons1to02_, PSN: Alons1to02_, Spaniard, 35ms (30pp + League ban)
  • @steveGaming, PSN: VLX_SteveGaming, German, 40ms (30pp + League ban)

1 uninformed no show will have You awarded 10 penalty points

2 uninformed no show will have You relegated to Reserve and awarded 10 penalty points

3 Uninformed no shows will have You barred from joining future AOR GT SPORT League Races

Stewards Notes

1. For those of you who are new to our little fiefdom, welcome! A few things to point out about procedures:

Please do not sit in the pits prior to the start of the Feature & Sprint races. Instead, drive out past the sector 1 timing split and find a place to park off track. This will ensure everyone will be lined up properly at the start of the race and help prevent drivers being stuck on the grid and/ or auto-drive at the start of the race.

There is to be no lobby text chat or PSN messaging during qualifying or the races, pre-race practice and in-between sessions is fine.

2. We have changed our policy regarding track limits: The in-game penalty system will now be first judge of track limits abuse. To coincide with this it is very important that drivers serve any game awarded penalty within the next lap of receiving a penalty. Failure to do this will result in a 1 second per sector time penalty added on to your total race time until the penalty is fully served.

3. Good luck, have fun!

Race Room 1 Results:



Race Room 2 Results:


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Sep 10, 2015
This will be my last race of the current season as I will be heading down to Silverstone on the 11th July.


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Mar 12, 2016
This will be my last race of the current season as I will be heading down to Silverstone on the 11th July.
That’s ok mate, enjoy. But see You tomorrow and maybe tonight


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May 4, 2019
Hi guys, I've got caught up late at work and won't be home before 9pm. So won't be able to attend tonight. Sincerest apologies


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Jan 14, 2014
Congrats to Nova, Captain JJ and SolidNinijaSnake on your win/podiums.

First race was going well I managed to get to P2 after the first lap from P6, maintained this till lap 6 then captain JJ and Solid got past on the straights using overtake, then after the pitstops either the playstation went into crappy crap mode or something glitched, tyre wear doubled and I had no grip. Frame rates were terrible and I lost so much time resetting my wheel and pitting to change tyres again, I decided it was best to try and reset the PS4 and not waste anyone else's time having to wait for me at the sprint race.

Sprint Race was better, at least the frame rates were stronger and the tyres didn't implode themselves. I think I was the first of the pitted runners in the end 5th a bit of a crap result but after the first race I had little motivation or faith that it was going to be a good race after the first race fiasco.

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Mar 12, 2016
Results and Standings are up - including Drop Week's (DRP)


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Oct 8, 2018
With my going on holiday the day after the race I never actually did my race report (I also forgot to do Sainte-Croix and didn't see much of a point in Autopolis) so heres a condensed triple race report.
I felt I had decent enough pace heading into the race, unfortunately a couple of silly mistakes left me quite far behind the midfield in the feature race but pushed to catch up. In the sprint I decided I wanted to drive my mate @Irontiger91s car coming into the high speed chicane causing a little bit of a pile up going from 1st to last, managed to regain 2 positions before the end, having a fantastic battle with my team mate @Intotheobscurity in the closing laps of the race.
A very lonely race, considering everyone bar @Delaney, @Irontiger91 and myself were in RR1 that's not surprising. Had a false start in the sprint but managed to catch back up. @Delaney had accidentally turned off fuel and tyre deg and by the time we noticed @Delaney had already pitted giving me the lead which lead to a really fun battle.
I didn't have the pace others had, however I felt that I had better tyre deg than others but ended up pitting about 3/4 laps earlier than I had to due to my team mate pitting and catching quick I ended up pitting hoping I had enough of a gap to come out ahead, fell away after the pitstop.

Looking forward to the season finale at Suzuka :D
See you on track :)
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Nov 27, 2016
Wish I had the time to do proper race reports for each race. But while I'm posting here, this race went much better than I was expecting it to be.

Made the mistake of thinking there was going to be an extra lap in the Sprint, so I started messing around with the fuel to try and help. I knew @Cpt.JJ was gaining quickly towards T10 but I didn't have the radar up, so I didn't want to potentially end up in an incident and pretty much gave him the damn corner haha. I guess this makes us even now after he let me back through at Monza haha. =P