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PS4 AOR GT Sport League Season 6 - Super Formula - LEAGUE INFO

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Welcome to Season 6 of Gran Turismo Sport League here at Apex Online Racing. For this season we will be racing Gr. X Super Formula cars around a mix of famous real world tracks and fantasy tracks in an effort to scratch that itch we all have for speed, danger and above all, close competition.

League Structure
Each round will be comprised of a 40 minute feature race followed by a 20 minute sprint race that will have a reverse position grid based on the results of the feature race. Qualifying for the feature race will be a 15 minute group session (detailed in the Race Information section) for each round.

In short:
15 min. group Qualifying session
40 min. Feature Race (or equivalent number of laps)
20 min. Sprint Race (or equivalent number of laps) with Reverse Grid

Starting Thursday May 9, 2019 each event will begin promptly at 7:45pm UK time with the Open Lobby Room(s) opening at around 7pm for a bit of last minute practice. In order to ensure the best experience for everyone involved, it is strongly suggested that all drivers enter the lobby at least 15 minutes before the event start time.

If you are unable to attend a race please contact a league coordinator at least 1 hour prior to the event start time. Failure to notify a Coordinator of your absence will be subject you to disciplinary action up to and including your dismissal from AOR GT Sport League.

In short:
Starting Thursday May 9, 2019 & each subsequent Thursday for 8 rounds
Lobby Open 7pm UK time
Event Start 7:45pm UK time
Please be in the lobby 15 min. early

As part of your official sign up please complete and post in the appropriate thread your fastest lap at Autopolis International Racing Course in the SF19 Super Formula / Honda -or- Toyota through the Time Trial function in the offline Arcade Mode. It is recommended that drivers use Racing Super Soft tyres and turn on the in-game Penalty System as it is to the benefit of everyone involved that the posted times be as ‘clean’ as possible so that drivers can be placed in the race room that best represents their skill level. Setups may be used for the Time Trial, as there is no way to prohibit their use but keep in mind that setups are prohibited in the races.

When you are satisfied with your time trial, post a screenshot of the Time Trial Ranking Board to the appropriate thread in the AOR GT Sport League forum. A valid entry must contain the following:
(As indicated by the red arrows) Track Name, Your Gamer Tag, The Official Car & Your Time all clearly visible. Posts missing any of the required information will not be accepted under any circumstance.

For returning drivers your previous seasons performance will also be taken into account to determine your room placement.

Race Information
This is a One-Make series with the Gr. X ‘Dallara SF19 Super Formula/ Honda -or- Toyota’ available in Brand Central -> Asia - Pacific -> Super Formula for the mildly extortionate price of Cr.1,000,000.

As there are no Balance of Performance (BoP) settings for Gr. X vehicles, the power and weight of the car will be restricted as follows:
Max power will be locked to 639 BHP and the weight locked at 660 kg/ 1,455 lbs

Tuning/ Step-ups, as in previous AOR GT Sport League series, will be prohibited.

Allowed Assists
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Banned Assists
Traction Control System (TCS), Counter Steer Assist (CSA), Automatic Stability Management (ASM), Driving Line, Auto Drive

A 15 minute (+ remaining lap) qualifying session will precede the feature race in each round. This will be a group qualifying session similar to that used in Formula 1 which means drivers are responsible for creating and maintaining their own space during the qualifying session and as long as a driver has crossed the start/ finish line before the 15 minute limit the lap will be counted as valid. Laps started after the 15 minute limit will NOT be counted as valid.

Once the time period has elapsed, you will be notified by the coordinator(s), please DO NOT sit in the pits. If you are in the pits at the end of the session please drive out past the sector 1 timing split and find a place to park off track. This will ensure everyone will be lined up properly at the start of the race and help prevent drivers being stuck on the grid and/ or auto-drive at the start of the race.

Race Start
For this season we will be using the in-game ‘Grid Start w/ False Start Check’ procedure for the Feature Race. The Sprint Race will use the in-game rolling start procedure.

Tyre Allocation/ Pit Stops
Two tyre compounds will be available for each race. A change of compound is NOT mandatory as there is (as of yet) no function to police this in the game. The compounds on offer will be a hard set for the feature race and a 1 step softer set for the sprint race. (ex. Round 1 @ Fuji International Speedway will have Racing Medium & Racing Soft for the feature race with Racing Soft & Racing Super Soft for the sprint race.) Pit stops, while NOT mandatory, are strongly suggested as fuel consumption will be set to 4 times normal & tyre wear will be set to 11 times normal.

Points System (Revised)
P1-P16 (Race Room 1 “Elite”): 52 48 45 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31
P17-P32 (Race Room 2 ‘Pro’): 37 33 30 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16
P33-P48 (Race Room 3 ‘Semi-Pro’): 22 18 15 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

In order to keep each Race Room sufficiently populated we will split into 2 rooms at 20+ sign ups, 3 rooms at 36+ sign ups and so on and so forth. Race Room assignment will be based on your sign up time trial and for returning drivers, your current AOR driver rating. Consequently, if the total number of drivers for two rooms drops to 16 or less the two rooms will merge and adopt the points table of the higher room.

All rooms will award one (1) additional point for fastest lap during the Feature & Sprint Race.

As a baseline we will be using the Race Room 3 or ‘Semi-Pro’ points table if we have only enough sign-ups to fill one room.

At the conclusion of round seven (7) each driver will have their worst result discarded from their total points so far accumulated in the season. Round 8 is intended to be a final chance at the championship for each tier. Elite 1 = 1-16, Pro 2 =17-32, Semi-Pro = 32-48 (depending on the total number of sign ups)

Promotions/ Demotions
After rounds 2, 4 and 7 each tier will be reset according to the points accumulated by each driver in the standings, according to the criteria already laid out above. The resetting of the tiers will only be implemented, if more than 24 drivers has signed up.

Lobby Settings

Room Name


Basic Settings
● Room Mode: Practice/ Endurance
● Room Privacy: Friends Only

● Race Type: Race for Real
● Fixed Room Ownership: Yes (Friends Only room automatically sets this to ‘yes’)
● Max Number of Participants: 16
● Required Driver Rating: (blank)
● Required Sportsmanship Rating: (blank)

Track Settings (Round 1 used as example)
● Track: Fuji International Speedway
● Select Condition: 18:15 Fine Weather
● Time Limit: 40mins (feature race) 20mins (sprint race)

Race Settings
● Start Type: ‘Grid Start w/ False Start Check’ (Feature Race) | In-game Rolling Start (Sprint Race)
● Grid Order: Fastest First (Reverse Grid based on for Sprint Race)
● Boost: Off
● Slipstream Strength: Real
● Visible Damage: On
● Mechanical Damage: Light
● Tyre Wear: 11x
● Fuel Consumption: 4x
● Initial Fuel: 100 Litres (Max)
● Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
● Race Finish Delay: 90-140 seconds (1 lap race time)
● Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier:
Feature Race - Default
Sprint Race - 0.5

Regulation Settings
● Filter by Category: Gr.X
● Balance of Performance: Off (Unavailable for Gr.X)
● Max Power Limit: 639 BHP
● Minimum Weight: 1,455 lbs (660 kg)
Feature Race Tyre Settings:
● Maximum Tyre Rating: Racing Soft | Minimum Tyre Rating: Racing Medium
Sprint Race Tyre Settings:
● Maximum Tyre Rating: Racing Super Soft | Minimum Tyre Rating: Racing Soft

Two tyre compounds allowed for each race – One compound softer for Sprint Race
(ex. Hard/ Medium for Feature Race and Medium/ Soft for Sprint Race)

● Car Number Type: No Limit
● Tuning: Prohibited
● Kart Usage: Off

Penalty Settings
● Ghosting During Race: Off
● Shortcut Penalty: Invalidate Time
● Wall Collision Penalty: Off
● Wall Collision Detection: Off
● Side Contact Penalty: Off
● Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off
● Replace Cars When They Leave The Track: Off
● Flag Rules: On
● Ghost Lapped Cars: Off

Limit Driving Options
● Countersteering Assistance: Prohibited
● Active Stability Management: Prohibited
● Driving Line Assist: Prohibited
● Traction Control: Prohibited
● ABS: No Limit
● Auto-Drive: Prohibited

Who to Contact
For league related enquiries or questions, your first point of contact should be a staff member within the Race Room you have qualified for - or the League Coordinator. Upon joining a Race Room, it will be made clear who your Race Room Coordinator is.

Example reasons to contact them could be:
● To inform them that you're missing a race
● To get information about your Race Room
● If you are unhappy about something, either with regards to a race or on the forums

If you have an issue with your League Coordinator and would rather discuss the issue with someone else, then seek out another person from the below list and address the issue to them. Our Coordinators and Moderators are expected to remain completely unbiased, and as long as you address the situation sensibly and maturely they will be happy to discuss any issues no matter who it is with.

The following members are currently part of the team running the GT Sport Leagues:
General Overseer:



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