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PC AOR GT3 Elite - R2: Spa-Francorchamps 15/11/2017 @ 8PM

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Sep 15, 2016
Yeah what to say about yesterday.
Qualy Terrible ! Not able to drive my time i practiced for. Ending up in place 14 ah well so be it.

Race: start went pretty ok. gaining some places here and then in first lap. Then the **** start to happen. Got a black screen for 3 seconds or something. Great damage and i needed to rotate my wheel 360 degrees for a simpel corner. Broken and crying limping to the pitlane but my pitcrew was amazingly fast thanks guys ! haah damage repair in a few seconds damn thats quick i drive away again black screen !!!!!! aaaaaarhhh got 10sec pen because of that in the pit.

I was thinking what i should do just quit the race or just drive. I choose to drive since we still had almost whole race distance to go. I am glad i continued. Car felt good constistent so i made up places 24th ending up in P9 or 10 or something. Watched the race after on fisi stream notice my pace was around top 5 so that gives hope for the next races.

Found out what the freaking problem was with black screen...Windows like to update while gaming i really need to turn that **** off pffff

Gratz to @Vernux for winning the race..
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Jun 21, 2016
Have to say it was a fun race! Messed up Q should have been in the 18s but it wasn't the end of the world knowing it was a long race.
The start was a little bit messy when we were going 4 wide to the first corner but don't think there were any major damage for anyone.

Had some nice battles with @Ycoms and @Andreas Hader. Going in to the last lap in P9 i tried to get a good exit at La Source so i could holf off @Jeff[NL] and @Andreas Hader behind me but was a little bit too aggresive on the throttle and made a nice piruett. Finished with a decent P10 after having too little practice because my PC has been acting up lately.

Congrats @Vernux @Jamoobaldy @Yorkie065 for the podium places

See you next week.. cheers


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Oct 27, 2017
Really tough race for me, Qually went well with P2 and don't think the Mclaren had much more to give than that.
I struggled with warming the tyres on the formation lap and this led to a small moment coming out of Eau Rouge and lost me speed and a few places up the straight. Then to make things worse I locked up and ran wide into Les Combes loosing another place. As I came out of no name a few laps later there was a bollard sitting in the track which I couldn't manage to avoid and picked up some aero damage.
It cost me a lot of straight line speed and some front grip. Then in trying to compensate for increased understeer I hit another one on the inside coming onto the back straight after this I lost even more speed and grip and was 2s a lap down on expected race pace.
Then I seemed to catch a few cars and got a great line through Blanchimont and got past 2 in one move but then Nismo came flying through and somehow took the place back, I had nowhere to go and there was a small bit of contact but it was a great move. I think I then managed to overtake Perry on the next lap and pull a bit of a gap and then I just had to try and not make anymore mistakes and pick up some points.


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Oct 31, 2017
This race hurt. Two seconds down in comparison to @Perry Grondstra when I was really close to his times last week...
I thought I trained enough for this race but apparently not. After watching the replay I learned that I was shifting down too much and should have kept a higher gear in nearly every turn.

Quali P19 and Race P12 only because of pitstops... I didn't even have damage and still couldn't manage to get my laptimes below 2:21. I did more practice for Spa than I did for Imola, really no idea why I was so much slower here :confused::confused:

Mazy CZ

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Jan 14, 2014
Maybe the problem is that the front runners were much faster than expected, so maybe you were actually faster than at Imola :) That is how I take it :D