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PC AOR GT3 Elite - R3: Autodromo do Algarve 22/11/2017 @ 8PM


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May 26, 2016
If I have understeer in a corner, I'm gonna reduce maybe rear wing, or rear camber to create oversteer (if I'm not in the mood to correct the understeer via the front)..... this will make me faster generally, cuz the car is setup with less downforce more traction.
So now I loose the car @Jamoobaldy in corner one, because the oversteer was just 'a bit too much'. Ofcourse this is less fast than 'not loosing' the car. But all the other corners where I hit the apex and exit perfectly, I'm faster because I setup a car that can do it better/faster.
So now we come to the moments where you extend.. yes you loose 'a bit of time' 'maybe' in comparison with your perfect cornerning you can do. But you won 'the time' during all the times you went faster through the corners perfectly, than you might have normally done.

It's like almost the same discussion they have in F1. If there is a barrier or sandbox, you get punished when you setup your car unstable/fast, thus loosing it at least once somewhere during a qually/race means its over. So if there is no barrier/sandbox, this should not mean to have a car that is so on the limit than it happens 'too often'.

And to be honest, all screenshots I made from everybody, everytime you see a right rear tyre OFF the track, it's because the Front left was off track as well just a few miliseconds earlier... thus the speed was carried.
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May 26, 2016
I'm happy that the inquiry (at least for @Popsu) has not influence on his race win.
Especially with maybe 3 of the 5 inquired not being punished because of 'Time frame' issues (which there was wrong double information). Ofcourse if there would be more persons (especially the ones who see it happen on track) spend a minute or 30, it wouldn't take a whole night to look at interesting persons...


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Jan 12, 2014
So I'm trying to update the results based on the info from KK's stream, but it's a bit of a nightmare due to the glitchy results screens...

The below is what I have atm - if something is wrong please let me know. Main thing is that I have no idea where @Jeff[NL] & @Zabbzi actually finished if they weren't 18th & 19th as the results said.



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Sep 15, 2016
Yeah i was out pretty early. One sidenote ..i was not happy about sone driving styles in front of me. People were going all over the track and even in braking zones they where moving alot causing me to taking avoiding actions 2 times because they end up on my braking line. So please keep in mind when braking do not change suddenly without using mirrors.
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Oct 27, 2017
I'd love to know why I'm disqualified when I'm the only one who followed the rules? This really saps my motivation to continue. I did my best to do as it is asked in the rules but yet some others made no attempt to lift or give back time and they get a next race qually ban this does not make any logical sense...


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May 10, 2016
The stewards would have either looked at the images or watched the footage given (I don't look in the stewards forum so I don't know what was submitted in your case), and if the stewards agree on the amount of cuts or extends to over a certain amount, then a penalty is given, for instance 1-5 is a time penalty, 6-10 bigger time penalty, 11-15 qually ban for the next race, 16+ is DSQ , something like that. I have no idea what the actual scale Is, but they look at how many instances are in the evidence, and if they agree, the penalty is given.

I admit I am guessing here but it is something along those lines
James asked the same question