AOR GT3 Elite Round 9: Bathurst - 25.04.18 @8pm UK time |

AOR GT3 Elite Round 9: Bathurst - 25.04.18 @8pm UK time


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Dec 16, 2016
Welp. I finished 5th. Was doing some donuts went(spun) into the pit and got dq'd. @VSR Iceberg @AndrexUK


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Apr 14, 2017
Yeah I got disconnected.. I have no idea why this happens, since I don't have these problems in other games (or very rarely). If there is anything I can do to improve my connection in this game I would happily try them out


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Sep 17, 2016
Couldn´t be more gutted (once again). Starting from the back, had top 5 pace, was doing really well going through the field when someone thought it was a good idea to park it at exit of turn 2 and no yellow flags appeared. Simply a mistake I guess but still so frustrating...

I had to pit for damage -> fighting back again when with 20 minutes to go I got a 5-second random screen freeze which sent me into the wall and gave me suspension damage. Somehow managed P11 but well... This could´ve been so much better though not even on my favourite track I seem to have some luck for once. :(
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May 6, 2015
Driver of the day award goes to @N1kmido imo!
Shame to see the issues you had, as the laps you were putting in was great to see!


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Jan 19, 2014
So last night was intensely fun for me. I know I needed to make a bit of an impact having been off last 2 races over in Canada so was hoping for a decent result. Quali went...badly. I got in a banker lap, then whilst on a relatively decent one my internet dropped with 4 minutes to go. I managed to get back into the lobby, back on track and cross the line with 25 secs before the end of the session, but I hadn't had the time to reduce fuel load, so I was on more than I needed for the one lap, and tyres and brakes weren't 100% there either, as my second flying lap is usually a second quicker than the first. Still, put it on P12 so was reasonably happy with that considering the circumstances, but could have been up in the P4-P6 region.

Race start, ropey...I tapped the back of @rillo7105 on the formation lap, fortunately for both of us not incurring any damage and apologised there in the chat and then after the race too via pm. The actual start itself was ok, I dropped to P13 I believe as @Tejpek managed to get up my inside in T1, but then Rillo went wide in T2 so got that back. In front of me was a bunch of NA cars which I knew I'd have the legs over on the straights. I wanted to try and clear them pretty quick to try and catch up to my team mate @Vernux and @AndrexUK further up ahead, but coming into the heavy braking zone in the Chase, I struggled with slowing the car down twice. One lap passing @Tidgney where I ended up bailing and going straight on, and the other passing @Doc where I just made the corner too tight for myself and lost the rear on entry. That put me back down to P14.

I managed to get P13 back after one of the Audi's (sorry couldn't remember who it was) spun in T2, and then go @rciq around the outside of the final corner after he made a mistake dropping a wheel onto the grass in The Chase. There was a slight side to side brush as I was trying to stay away from the grabby grass verge on the S/F straight, but he settled in behind for T1. From there, it was just a case of closing the gap back up to the battle in front.

Eventually managed to close that gap back up, where one of the yellow Ferrari's in the train (again sorry, don't remember who) made a mistake through The Cutting and let me slip by to hunt @Tidgney, who I picked off on the Conrod straight, along with @Daniel Nesterowicz to then have a pretty epic battle trying to get passed @Tejpek. He put up one hell of a defensive fight to just about hold me off, as I couldn't really get the acceleration off the corners I needed to do anything at the end of the straights where the Ferrari is just too strong and takes off like a rocket under acceleration. There were one or two opportunities, but he held me off quite nicely, and I struggled in one or two places where I could have potentially given myself a chance. Final lap, was close at the start, messed up The Dipper so wasn't close enough for the exit of Forrest Elbow onto the back straight. Under braking though and the exit of The Chase I managed to get right up underneath the rear wing of the Ferrari. Made one last effort into the final turn but Tejpek made it very tight and I had no other option but to back out or there would be contact.

In the end, P7 so pretty happy with that. A few places gained from peoples miss-fortunes, a few places gained with some new stuff learned in the setup which basically allowed me maximise the speed on the straights, but also have good aero balance across the top of the mountain and not lose out too much there. I was running 0-5 wing, which probably played a big part in being able to pass easily on the straights, that plus the turbo vs NA advantage helping too. Looking forward to Fuji, which hopefully I should be able to make but there is a chance that I could end up missing it.