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XB1 AOR GT3 Elite Round 9 Zhuhai - 30/9/2015 8pm


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 19, 2015
What a weird race!

Quali - 3rd beat Blizzard by a thousand of a second but behind Tam by three tenths.

Race - Poor start mainly because I saw Res slow down for some reason on the straight so didn't want to hit him, then on the exit got touched off which lost me a position or two, and then I lost a position to living dead as well so I was down to 7th.
I managed to work my way back up, I made a really nice move on Livingdead69, and cars was everywhere eventually got to second place behind Tam.
I was pulling the gap so slightly to Blizzard and to be honest all my thoughts were on pulling away from him eventually it got to about 9 seconds when I saw the gap starting to decrease to Tam.
Eventually it was down to a second and I was honestly settling for second, but I was hoping he would make a mistake, which he did at the final turn, spinning off the kerb I believe, I knew then I just had to keep it on the road.
Thankfully I did and took the win. It's surprising I won here, as I expected it to be around 4th or 5th. It was very hard to see as I don't use the racing line for the last 16/17 laps, but in truth it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Glad to win the championship, car felt really good for the last 3 rounds and I finally got the luck I didn't have at the start of the season.


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Aug 26, 2014
Well, as races go it wasn't great.

2nd best qualifying of the season, a solid 6th. After having a fantastically timed spin, right as I was saying about how patience is a virtue and staying on the track.

Cost me about 12 seconds, finished 13 seconds behind Blizzard.

Got up to 4th by not pitting, and stayed there for the rest of the race.


GP2 Reserve Driver
Jan 14, 2014
Was unexpected for me to finish in 2nd as I barely put any practice in.
The beginning of the race was quite messy. My start was good but I extended turn 2 and the game slowed me down to for 5 seconds. I dropped down to 9th. Managed to work my way up to 3rd again, but the battle was still on and I was hit 2 times again and lost positions. I did get up to 4th again behind Blizzard and after that the race calmed down.
Was behind Blizzard and I felt I was a bit faster, at least when it was still light. After a couple of laps behind him I made quite a forced overtake and difficult as well as I though it was hard to see much in the dark. Then we kept the same pace for quite a while being 0.5 to 1sec from each other all the time. With 6-7 laps remaining I started to build a gap which in the end got up to 8 seconds so I could take 2nd quite comfortably. Also took advantage when Tam crashed of course.
Suprised I could take 2nd and be consistent all the way through especially as I was very unfamiliar with this track in the dark, had a hard time finding the right braking points.
And congrats to @Smifficle on the championship [emoji106]

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GP2 Reserve Driver
May 17, 2015
Was in 2nd, cut track penalty, fell to 6th. People crashed in front of me, got up to 3rd. Down to 4th behind Leeobot, promoted to third after whatever happened to Tam French. 3rd place finish, another podium!