Formula 3 1st Driver
League: iRacing gt3 league
Date: 07.04.2021
Members Involved: @Footyad24 @causa45
Lap & Corner:
Lap 9, turn 1
Description: Please investigate the contact me and steven at turn 1 on lap 9. Steven out braked himself and hit me.

Hi Race stewards,

During last night's feature race I was spun out by Steven who missed his braking point and touched my car causing me lose control. Steven finished in the top 10 and I finished 11th, therefore I can reasonably predict he cost me a large points finish.

I believe he reacted to me out braking him and getting a run on the outside, he tried to squeeze me on the outside and takes me out.


I know you will argue that I am on the outside therefore it's Steven's corner he can do what he likes, but I completely disagree.

Yes there is still room for me to go wider, but I left him 2 cars width of room on the inside and he still made contact.

The argument that the guy on the inside can dictate the racing line through a corner when side by side is dangerous for future engagements.

Yes the guy on the inside can have the corner, but he cannot decide he is going to make the corner 2 car lengths wider, this is not how car to car combat works.


Austria 2020 Hamilton/Albon incident

Albon is on the outside with room to go wider, Hamilton initiates the contact from the inside and is given a 5-second penalty

Germany 2016 Rosberg/Verstappen incident

Rosberg also received a 5-second penalty in 2016 for forcing Max Verstappen wide from the inside. Again the stewards here didn't go along with the notion that the guy on the inside of the corner owns the corner and could do what he wants with it.

Austria 2016 Hamilton/Rosberg

I have included this clip to show the extremes that the 'inside man owns the corner' argument can have. Hamilton can turn in later here because there is more room on the outside however, the apex was far gone at the point he decides to turn in. Rosberg is on the inside here but it is clear that he initiates the contact as Steven did during my contact with him yesterday.

Thanks for taking notice of my protest, I look forward to your response.


Tagging @causa45 so he is aware I am protesting him.
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To me, it felt like Flynn was turning in on me. He had room on the outside and strictly speaking, he was rejoining the track after going completely over the white line. Racing incident in my eyes.


Formula 3 1st Driver

I disagree, people before me were using that bit of track and when I was 'off track' I was ahead of you so I technically didn't overtake you off track my car was in front of yours before I went over the white line.

There was no rule to say we can't use that bit of the track and it is used in real racing as well.

Furthermore, I don't think me turning in on you is valid.

I gave you enough room on the inside as noted by the car length you had plus the tarmac highlighted in red on the left.

I didn't make the mistake under braking, I out braked you and made the corner with an adjusted line to give you space.

You braked earlier than me and for whatever reason (i don't have your braking data so I can't offer conclusions) you outbraked yourself and didn't make the corner and understeered into me.

You knew I was on your outside, but you didn't account for it and missed the apex and as a result took me out.


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@Footyad24 please make sure you use the format for steward inquiries:


Formula 3 1st Driver
@Footyad24 please make sure you use the format for steward inquiries:
Sorted it Marvin!