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    Season 5 of the official AOR GT3 Leagues on Project CARS have been announced, and sign-ups are now open for what is set to be the biggest and most competitive season yet!

    The GT3 class of racing is not only some of the most watched and most exciting racing on the planet, but it's also some of the most competitive and beloved. To some, GT3 embodies the purest essence of racing: normal, road going dream cars tuned by incredible engineers to go bonkers fast. What's better than that? How about racing the digital versions of the real world cars online in an environment that promotes realism with cleanliness and competitiveness? This is the AOR mantra.

    AOR's 5th season of GT3 racing is about to begin with leagues across the PC, XB1 and PS4 platforms. A North American based PS4 league is also set to kick off their 3rd season. The depth of skill has only grown over the past year since the GT3 league's inception and sign-ups are now open to test yourself against some of the fastest racers in all of online motorsports. Click HERE and choose your platform to get started!

    Each season gives us greater insight and helps us to evolve the league and this season is no exception. Here is a brief list of changes and new wrinkles to test each racers mettle:
    • Manual rolling starts - Yes, taking inspiration from the PC Elite League, ALL platforms will perform manual rolling start before the race as is more common with GT3 cars. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules to this. See here.
    • Tyre wear has been increased to x2 in an attempt to make strategy more important with a variety of compounds to select.
    • Our longest calendar ever! (12 rounds)
    • All tiers will now run with 'Force Realistic Assists' Enabled.
    • New Time Trial Event! - To be completed by ALL drivers. See here.
    • General re-writing of the rules here.
    Below you will find more detailed info about the leagues and how to sign up!

    Important Links:
    League Information
    Race Calendar
    League Rules

    Are you tired of public lobbies and getting T-boned into oblivion every single race? Have you been looking for fair, fast, competitive, and insanely realistic competition? Are you ready to step up you game? Then welcome home.

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