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Jan 15, 2014

Following on from our first race of the season, We have decided not to continue using the rolling starts for the beginning of the race as it has been shown to be causing issues (I will post a video highlighting the problem our PC racers experienced Wednesday evening to highlight the problem)
We would still prefer to use this type of start for realism of the series, so should this feature of the game at a later stage be shown to be working correctly across the platforms by means of a patch it's something for us to rethink. But at this stage all the leagues will us a standard stationary grid starts. So this week should allow you guys to practice those before you next race at Spa next Wednesday, Although that could be tricky with the start finish on a slope looking towards Eau Rouge

This does also raise the issue of jump starts and all drivers will have to be careful not to jump the start before the light goes green, or this could potentially gain you a penalty and appearing before the stewards Please be careful and go on the green light not before.

2.3 Jumping the start (does not apply for rolling starts):

● At the start of a race, do not move away from your grid slot before the lights have turned green. If you are deemed to have gained a clear advantage or cause an incident as a result of jumping the start, you will be penalised.

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Please make your league and race hosts aware of the change