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XB1 AOR GT3 Pro League - Driver of the Week

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Best of the Rest
May 9, 2014
After each race, anyone who participated can vote in the poll (created after each race) for who they felt was their stand-out driver. The driver doesn't necessarily have to be the race winner - it could be someone that you had a fun battle with or someone who climbed through the field, to give two examples.

All the votes will be tallied the day before the following week's race (i.e. the Tuesday) to give an overall winner each week.

Driver of the Week Winners:

Road America- @Diogo

Spa- @Meireloso - Aston Martin

Watkins Glen- @TC92 - BMW

Nurburgring- @Atticus - Mercedes


Silverstone- @Smifficle - RUF
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Formula Karter
May 26, 2015
My DoTW is @Atticus !

This week Atticus dominated at Spa .Fastest in Qually and leading all the race.

Congrats :)