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XB1 AOR GT3 Pro - Sonoma (Round 7)


Formula 4 Test Driver
Aug 1, 2015
@The Genius on the laps before you didn't brake into that corner and when I was really close you suddenly brake there.. That's why I gave you a little push, but you didn't went off track. And you've hit at the beginning of the race! And i was off track because of you. So let's called it even, shall we? :)

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Qualy: 6th
Finished: 5th

ANOTHER TOP 5 FINISH!1!!!1...but in all fairness, i messed up the start dropping from 5th down to 11th, was battling all the other Mclaren (who said it was impossible to overtake here? causei think i just proved you wrong) @Adam Tierney crashing into the tyre wall at the last turn, threw me off my braking zone, and i hit the tyre wall aswell causing suspension damage, had to drive a whole lap with it, but made my way back up to 5th, shame really, cause i had the same pace as @Dejaeger22, thanks for the race tonight guys, really enjoyed having to make a comeback drive (overtake of the day, me and @StubbornGymnast going into T1 and me just slipping it up the inside and took the outside line for t2 :D ) also @Wizard your headlights were broke when i passed you, did you notice it?


Best of the Rest
May 9, 2014
Erm...we couldn't get the results since the retired cars didn't leave soon enough. Nobody's to blame on this occasion, but we need to know where everybody finished.


AOR XB1 GT3 S11 Tier 3 Champion
Jan 16, 2014
Qualified; 14th
Finished; 10th

Only had 5 min to qualify as from then i was allowed to race ;)
Just did my thing, but didn't know you could switch tyres on the warm up lap so was 3 sec off the pace with hard tyres.

Had a safe start as i didn't want to cause a major collision as a rookie, just remained steady behind @Wizard for 3 sec, battling it out with @Rick O Matic. On lap 8 i made my first mistake, went off and Rick overtook me. Stayed behind him the whole time until i made myself into 6th place as everyone pitted.

Somewhere around lap 18 overtook me on the outside in the 1st sector with a lovely move, so all credits to you there :)
After my pitstop around lap 20 i fell back in 11th place and just kept pushing for 10th aiming for wizard's position as @Smithycity99 was behind my for like 12 sec. The 3 of us were putting around same laptimes, but still the pressure was there. P9 was probably the best i could get today if i didn't had minor damage and attacked the circuit a bit more, but p10 was good enough at that time.

After Rick pitted i finally got that 10th spot and decided to hang on to that as my teammate @Devastation lapped me 3 laps for the end showing there is some strong pace in that merc :).

All in all a good result for my first race, even though i was a bit lucky, but consistency is key!

Hopefully i can make my return in of the following races, so there can be more merc's on the grid ;)

P.S. -> Wizard finished in 9th, me in 10th and Smithy in 11th for the results if there is no photo?
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