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XB1 AOR GT3 S10 - Driver Introduction


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Mar 9, 2016

AOR Project CARS 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 10
Driver Introduction

Hello and welcome to Season 10 of the AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Leagues.

The purpose of this thread is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the other drivers, so we can get to know about each other's situation and aspirations from this season.


1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)
2) Did you participate in season 9? If so in which tier and how did it go?
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season?

Feel free to ignore above template and introduce yourself in your way!
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 29, 2018
Hi guys. i m Ron 43 y and from Holland.Been racing in small clubs about 2 years now and wanted a more profecional aproge to a league/race. Partisepated in season 9, started as a reserve in race 5 and joint as Full driver from race 6. Ended up at P 6 (i beleve) leaderboard.Hoping new season and new car i can be more compettetive. ✌


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Dec 9, 2015
Hi, I'm Callum. British kart racer and podium finisher here on AOR. I have won kart races and have trophies. But I'm taking a break from it at the moment and want to get my SIM racing on the way. Good luck to you all and hope to have a great season!


GP2 Test Driver
Apr 28, 2017
Hi, i`m Gary, 53 from Northern Ireland, Started racing Formula Libre Karts way way back in the early 80`s and been involved in numerous forms of motorsport since then, anything from Saloon/Rally and recently Hill Climb and sprint. Started sim racing just over a year ago and i must say it does not hurt as much physically or on the wallet as the real thing, and haven't managed to roll my race rig...yet. Competed in the second half of season 9 semo-pro, finished 5th and will be happy just to be competitive this season and have some good fun races and challenge for the team championship with ron.


Formula Karter
Jan 18, 2018
Hey, I'm Adrian and I'm 15. This is my first season as full time driver and I don't have any goals for this season, just have some fun and (hopefully) have some battles with other drivers. I took part in Road America race in last season as reserve. And that's all, I don't have more to say xD


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Oct 24, 2016
Hi all.
I have competed in several races in AOR but cannot do full seasons because of school,hence being a reserve.
I will probably be at the back of grid unless I click with the car-track-weather combo.
I have poor eyesight so to see the dashboard in any cars I must have the lights on,and I generally run with them on anyway even though some cars don't have a dash.
I usually feel really bad mentally but AOR gives me time away from all that stress.
Good luck for the season lads!


AOR XB1 GT3 Pro S7 Champion
May 20, 2016
Hi all. Dan (aerosmudge), 43 originally from Kent but lived in Germany since 2001. Help to run On The Limit Community Racing. Raced in 2 AOR leagues before, both on pcars1, won the pro tier in S7. Not been too keen to take part in serious leagues on pcars2 due to the bugs etc with this game, but keeping my fingers crossed it goes well. Good luck to all!


Formula 4 1st Driver
Apr 30, 2018
Hi all Col here, mature gamer from Scotland (46) not the oldest i see. Love racing games since way back in the days of Ridge Racer/ Toca Race Driver/ V Rally etc etc.
Been involved in Leagues back in the early Forza days. Recently joined AOR for the Touring Car League, really enjoyed that although generally stuck at the back having chose the Opel/Astra TC - man that default set up was awful.

Anyway looking forward to some great racing in this GT3 season on some very interesting and twisty/tight tracks, no expectations just enjoy good clean racing so will see how it goes - good luck all ?


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jun 21, 2018
Hi guys, Reserve #2 here. 46 yrs old carpenter/houseframer . NEW to the wheel, but loving it.. I did not race in last season or any other. My goals here are to just race and have fun and to help the other drivers have as much of a great experience as me.. I'm a clean mid pack racer who likes the scraps left behind by unfortunate "mistakes" lol.. GL the rest of season guys!