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PC AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 2 - Round 1 Sonoma Raceway GP - 20.06.18 @8PM UK time


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Oct 23, 2016
Awful race by me had decent start stayed off the trouble and gained couple places due crashes and spins but had @Smolda spinning(its all good) and decided to pit and go for wild strategy of only changing hards for rears but had leaders catching right as i came out so never got couple of clean laps to make car feel even relatively good and due to that had couple spins and latest lead to crash with engine damage and total loss of rear so had 2+min pit so i was already 3 laps down and any chance of fighting for positions gone and as i didnt get my tires changed to all new ones i knew balance was way off with cold temps and softs on front and hards on rear.

Like a real trooper i kept on going trying to get used to audi and trying to see if there was missfortune on others to even score a one point(long season?). First 3 laps i had like 5 spins and little damage but i kept on going and balance felt actually quite nice and pace wasnt too far off considering damage on clean laps when i had temps up when not letting cars pass me ? I hope i didnt block any one too much as i was way out of race i think most part it was ok.

I knew that my pace was mid pack at most but i tried to just get through as my race prep was poor (30min + race practice tuesday on amg and 1h practice before race on audi) most importantly i got more used to how audi drives and valuable race experience so next week hopefully way stronger.
You. We need more drivers like you in this league. Most people would instantly retire after they get badly damaged and not try and keep going, which is unfortunate imo. But you kept on going even though you were 3 laps down. And instead of worrying about your position you used the rest of the race to get used to your car and get some valuable on-track experience.
That's some strong spirit right there. I salute you, sir


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May 18, 2015
Quali went pretty well to start in 6th place, had a little issue with traffic but that can be expected now with only 10 mins to set a time.

Race: 3rd, well I have to say I'm a little surprised at the result although I had done a lot of practice for this race. I knew the first few laps would be tricky & made up couple of places with others going off, but lap 9 going round the double right hander I spun loosing the place @TheGW had to take it gingerly through there as it was so Slippery but later on in the race the grip came back, interesting to see if others experienced the same.

Caught up to the back of @Smolda (1 lap down) who was battling with @TicklishPicklewickle & @marley 57 I didn't want to spoil the party but with 4 laps to go & @John_Beauregard appearing to be catching I needed to get past.

A real shame for @Dannyvdmeer & @Oblit0r if they were to loose there positions but something tells me it won't be long before they'll be right back up there.


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Feb 6, 2018
WoW where do I start, not a bad quali lap especially with the traffic, my PB was only a few tenths faster, I started 8th and admired the grid, recognising most of the names from S9 from either practice races, live streams or from Semi pro. IT then dawned on me this is going to be tough. Now I wasn't happy with my setup from Tuesday nights practice but hadn't had the time to test any changes. So I guessed what was causing me issues and tried to make the car behave itself more.

Luckily for these changes worked, maybe too well. The car was super stable even when struggling the maintain temps on the fronts but it was slower, now I cant be sure if this the setup or live track doing its stuff. But I was off pace. I knew I was a sitting duck and the sharks was closing in.

Trulli Train tactics came into effect, I think at one time we had a pack of 5 fighting. I Had a few taps from the rear under braking that didn't affect the car but more my rear end and heart beat. The PRESSURE WAS ON. I decided to pit before a few of the others to try and get a good out lap. It worked I only lost one place to @Shooter80 who must of pitted early and got a good undercut. As I past the pits on the next lap I regained my 9th place as I pipped passed @borates as he exited the pits. Now I had @borates @dakuza and @Rickybrosh behind.
Ricky soon was on my tail playing havoc in my rear mirror. We went side by side through Turns 6 and then he took the inside in turn 7, I hung it round the outside and keeping my nose ahead into the esses which he yielded and followed. As we exited T11 Ricky got a better exit and we approached T1 together I went defensive and held the inside ( think I was slightly in awe that I was racing with someone who I watch regularly on youtube ) Ricky took the inside on T2, once again I hung it round the outside and we approached T3 side by side. Ricky took the line and gave just enough space but he completed the move and gained the place, Now we approached T5 with @borates filling my mirrors again. This is where I deployed the ultra defensive approach. If he was within a second I took the inside of every corner and held my line, then we approached the last 5 laps and I believe @rciq joined the Trulli train. luckily I managed to keep them all a behind even tho we was fighting to the finish line. Grabbing 10th (8th) in a very difficult, thrilling and exiting race.
Unlucky to guys who got DQ'd but I doubt it will not be the only time you 2 will be fighting for a win

Thank you @dakuza @borates @Rickybrosh @rciq for the challenge, fair clean exiting racing. This is why I want to sim race

@Smolda it made sense to release you sorry to hear about your bad race

Congrats to @Newy656 @John_Beauregard @Lusti


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Jan 25, 2018
Pretty good start for me,better than i thought,however my plan to get my first podium was a bit different,but I accept this one as well.

Quali went good,fortunately i didn't have any problem with the traffic neither with my car thanks to my teammate @dakuza.It was good to see how close we were to each other.

I have to tell you,I was really nervous before the race.First round,lot of new member,my practice race just went horrible on the previous day so i didn't know what to expect from the race.In the first few laps i tried to get some life into the tires.Fortunately after 3 laps it was all ok,but @John_Beauregard managed to overtake me due to i got a slowdown penatly....?
I was completly alone,saw @ShaggyDan was behind me,but then he just disappeared.After that i could only fight with the backmarkers.

Feel sorry for @Dannyvdmeer ,@Oblit0r for the DQ,but at the same time congrats for @Newy656 and @John_Beauregard (Happy Birthday in advance!) for the podium.

See you guys in the next round!
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Dec 28, 2015
no word to say first round,
congratz for podium drivers,
i didn't want to retire from race but wheel was not centering after first lap crash.bugs or something.i hit @Mattster in sector 2 long left corner.srry for that.
i tried to stay on track but no way.
special congratz to @Oblit0r qualify time.?
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Dec 23, 2017
Was a good race for me, even if a bit uneventful overall.

I never really felt great with the M6 on Sonoma, so before the race I'd swapped a few tenths of laptime for some extra stability in the car, and I figured I was going to be as clean as I could be and see where I ended up.

I qualified 15th with my banker lap, after blowing my actual fast lap, but I'd only have got a few more places up the grid, so didn't really matter. Lap1 T1, I was lucky to somehow avoid the 3 or so spinning cars. Next few laps were pretty crazy, I lost some places as I'd ended up off-line and it was too early (and my hard tyres too cold) to be worth fighting for them, then I got most of them back as others spun, had contacts, or lifted after cuts. I had another few close calls with spinning/static cars, but luck was on my side as I made it though clean.

When it settled down I found myself in a familiar situation as per last season, mostly alone, with @dakuza directly ahead, in his slightly wounded M6. I didn't really see a safe way past in a hurry on this track, being in the same car, and knowing his fair but firm defending. We were kinda slowing each other down, so on lap 10 I figured I'd pit, and try to get some clean air.

Didn't really work the way I planned, since I came out the pits directly ahead of a repaired @DaWu and @marley 57. I'd lost all tyre temps in the long pitlane at 16c and by the time I had the temps back a lap or two later, DaWu and Marley had passed me, then had a coming together and dropped back again. After that I found myself with mostly uninterrupted clean air for the next 27 laps.

As a result of being able to just turn in clean laps, and due to some others misfortune/mistakes by the time everyone else had pitted, I was in, and finished, 8th (Which I think turned into 6th).

I'm happy with the result, as I didn't really deserve 8th on pace, and I'm happy that I had no spins, no damage, no contacts (other than a tap T1), and nothing to be pissed at myself for.

I'm less happy about doing the undercut, gaining places, but driving around on my own half the race. It's a tricky one trying to weigh up having fun, with doing well...

Congrats to @Newy656 for placing 1st, I know @John_Beauregard and @Lusti from last season, and finishing ahead of them is certainly not easy.
Congrats to @Dannyvdmeer and @Oblit0r for finishing 1st and 2nd, crazy pace. On a different level from the rest of us. Shame about how it ended.

And of course, thanks to @S4Howie, @TicklishPicklewickle, and @Marvin for hosting, coordinating, and organising.

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