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PC AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 2 - Round 10 - Watkins Glen - 22.08.18 @8PM UK time


GP2 Reserve Driver
Nov 1, 2017

ROUND 10 - Watkins Glen GP

Event Information:
Date: Wednesday August 22nd 2018
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)
● Event format:
- Qualifying: 10 minutes
- Race: 35 laps (34+1)

● Weather Conditions:
For weather conditions and progression, please visit the Weather Centre.

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying time: 21 October 2018 - 16:00 (PM)
- Race start time: 21 October 2018 - 17:00 (PM)

Manual Rolling Start Information:
Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

● Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.
● No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.
● Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.
● Save your replay: As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

Useful Links:
● League Rules
● League Information
● Race Calendar



GP2 Reserve Driver
Nov 1, 2017

Welcome to Watkins Glen, New York!

After starting our season in Sonoma, on the west coast of the United States, we conclude our season on the east coast, in another world famous venue.

Closer to Toronto than New York, this small village has a long tradition of motor racing. To counter the adrenaline filled day, head out into the great outdoors and visit the Watkins Glen state park and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, small waterfalls and lush, green forests. Take a moment at the Rainbow Bridge and falls and take in natures beauty before heading back to the track!

Watkins Glen hosted the Grand Prix of the USA for almost 20 years straight, from 1961 to 1980.
Today it's a major venue in IMSA and NASCAR racing, featuring the famous 6h of the Glen.

The Qualifying will start under Light Clouds and the race will transition from Medium to Heavy Clouds.

Weather progression is Real-Time

Thank you for a wonderful season 10 and see you soon for season 11!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


ACC Coordinator
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ACC Coordinator
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Dec 23, 2017
Not a great result, but pretty happy with my driving at least.

After a clean race at Sugo I was looking forward to this one, with the long corners, its my kind of track, and handily one that quite suited the M6. My setup was nice, fun and pretty quick, passing was always going to be a problem but I was quite happy to qualify 7th, a tenth or so away from 5th.

At the start of the race, as is traditional, I lost a place through T1, but got through clean and expected I could make some places back. Unfortunately though, on the first racing lap, following @Mattster towards the chicane, I moved right to have a clearer view of any accidents ahead, but was caught out with how early he braked, and by the time I reacted I found myself almost completely side-by-side with him through the braking zone, since I knew two cars can't safely go through there together, and since I'd started behind, I felt I had no choice but to cut the entry to the right and go onto the runoff to avoid a crash, which dropped me pretty much to the back of the field. Was my bad, but a recovery was still possible.

Since I was being held up being at the back of a long train of cars, I decided to pit at the first opportunity, at the end of lap 3, @dakuza had also went in ahead, but unfortunately (for me) @Midweekcoma also did the same thing, so I came out the pits behind him. I had like 0.5sec better pace than he did at that point, but passing is damn hard here, I tried everything over the next 14 laps, crazy lines, trying to distract him into a mistake, had a look for a pass a few times, but had to abort out of most of them falling back, to catch back up.

Eventually on lap 17 I made it past into T9, but my tyres didn't thank me for the line I had to take on the inside, and felt really twitchy through T10 and T11. Not wanting to risk anything I look a touch safer/wider line into T1, but Midweek braked later and on the inside, hit me on the rear mid-corner, spun us both, and I lost another 10secs. Thankfully, I have good taste in cars, and only got 1 rear damage from a collision that nearly destroyed his puny Audi, so my pace and balance was unaffected (car balance may have even improved slightly).

The ~7.5 seconds I lost stuck behind him, combined with the 10 seconds from the accident left me running in 10th with a 15 second gap to the car ahead in 9th, over the last 16 laps I ran a lot of mid-high 43's/low 44's but only got to within a few seconds by the end. So 10th was all I could get.

The only mistake I can regret was being caught out on lap 1, I assume Mattster braked earlier to be on the safe side, since it was the start of the race, and I'd never have tried an overtaking move into the chicane, but I can at least be happy with myself that I kept it together, didn't hit anyone, didn't spin, and didn't ruin anyone's race. The rest I'll just put down to bad fortune, I had similar pace to @dakuza who was only 5 seconds up the road when we pitted, if Midweek hadn't pitted when he did (or actually got distracted with me weaving around behind him) I could likely have followed Dakuza to a much higher position. The collision and resulting spin didn't help, but I don't blame myself for that one, we spoke about it after the race, and well...that's racing.

Pace wise, this was probably my strongest dry race of the season, the setup was pretty much perfect, and the car felt great. It could have ended better, but I enjoyed the race, and really, that's all that matters.

Congrats to @Cleeuwn for yet another win, to @dakuza for a damn impressive 2nd after an uncharacteristically poor starting position, and to @Lusti for a solid podium. @marley 57 did his bit for the 'show' by picking up a 10 second penalty in the pits, so we have a really close battle for the title between him and @Cleeuwn at the final race at Bugatti. Either of them would deserve to be the champion, and it will be interesting to find out which one get it in the end.

Of course, thanks to @S4Howie and @TicklishPicklewickle for organising and hosting, and to @Insulaventus and @Fistopheles for the great stream and commentary.

Hopefully I'll set my car up, and drive, as well at Bugatti, but without any issues this time. Its a fun track, and passing is more realistic there, so I'm looking forward to it.

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marley 57

Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Mar 20, 2017
Hmm, not sure about this one, on one hand I was kinda pissed at getting the 10s penalty through my own stupidity. On the other hand though, the racing was really enjoyable, so yeah **** happens, I had a lot of fun. Grats to @Cleeuwn, @dakuza, and @Lusti you all had awesome pace.

Qually was really tight, to the extent that the top 11 were all within one second of pole, so I was damn happy with p2.

The race itself, well, it started off pretty good. @Cleeuwn managed to pull a gap from me, and as @rciq and @Lusti were battling, I was able to break their slipstream and settle into the race. Once lusti got past rciq, he seemed to up the anti and steadily catching up. By lap 15 (i think) he was within 1 second. Then cleeuwn had to serve some slowdowns and the field seemed to condense. At that time I was thinking this is going to be an epic mid-race battle but, the genius I am, I proceeded to miss my pit entry breaking marker and got a 10s penalty. Cleeuwn actually pitted a lap earlier, but because my brain-freeze, I came out ahead. Tbh, I wasn't thinking that clearly, in hindsight I should've immediately let him past. I was essentially holding him up which allowed @dakuza to close the gap. Again confusion, I knew dakuza didn't qualify well so had no idea he preformed an epic undercut and his track position was ligit.

Then, um, the bus-stop situation happened. Out of nowhere a stationary audi was parked in the breaking zone in the middle of the bus-stop. Thankfully it was ghosted, but dakuza did manage to pass me in all the confusion. To his credit, he immediately gave the position back, as already mentioned dakuza I really appreciate that man. This is why I have enjoyed this season so much, we seem to all race with the right mix of competitiveness, respect and fun. That was it really, cleeuwn and dakuza were ahead and lusti seemed happy following behind to finish p3.

Sixth in the end, not great but could've been a whole lot worse I guess.

Thanks to @S4Howie and @TicklishPicklewickle for your usual hard work. Really enjoyed watching back the official stream, there were so good many battles on track thank you @Insulaventus and @Fistopheles

edit, heres the bus-stop incident in all its glory.

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F1 Race Winner
Feb 8, 2018
What a rollercoaster of a race. Qualified way back with a terrible time after invalidating both of my fast laps with a single mistake by sliding wide in 2nd to last corner.

I would have been very close to pole with my best lap so going into the race I knew I had the pace. Still the only way I could get a decent result would be to do a massive undercut and hope for a clean track. After very careful first laps I pitted on L3 with @Shooter80 and @Midweekcoma. Managed to get out of the pits first which was crucial for the undercut to work. After pitting I had plenty of clean air and could keep pushing fast laps and watched the gap to leaders slowly getting smaller and smaller. Few times I caught up to some cars but they pitted right as I was getting close. Only @TicklishPicklewickle stayed on track and I had to fight my way through with a move into the chicane. It was a tough place to overtake but we respected each others space and both got through without any contact.

After the pass, there was again clean air in front as cars started pitting. Gap to @marley 57 and @Cleeuwn was slowly shrinking and I was getting my hopes up for a top 5 finish as I thought the gap was still big enough for a pit stop for the guys in front. Then @Cleeuwn dropped out of the pits right in front of me and @marley 57 next lap in front of him. I was suddenly in the mix for a podium finish! @Lusti did a slight overcut and pitted after the leaders but dropped just behind me.

@marley 57 described pretty well what happened at the bus stop. I also had a bit of a brain freeze there but luckily we got out without contact. Thanks for the nice works @marley 57 , didn't feel right taking advantage because of a bug in the game. And I was having so much fun trying to pass you. :D

Few laps later after passing @marley 57 I got my pace back and started catching @Cleeuwn. I just got into striking distance when laps ran out, so second place for me. Congrats to @Cleeuwn for the win and keeping the championship battle tight! Congrats to @Lusti for 3rd, double podium for team Lowdown Motorsport!

Even though I was basically hotlapping by myself much of the race, that was one of the most fun races this season. I had to push so hard all the time and could slowly watch the gap shrinking, just waiting for the pit stops to see how close I could get. Very happy with second after so poor qualifying. 3rd second place for me this season. Only one more chance to catch the win... :)

Thanks for @Insulaventus and @Fistopheles for the commentary! Top quality as always!


AOR PS4 GT3 Pro S7 Champion
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May 18, 2015
Went into this race with a totally new setup that I pinched from @KrypticTMG from a video he just posted (thanks man) felt pretty good so kept with it. Quali was OK although I was hoping to sneak into the 42s but I mucked up my last lap, but times were very close.

Started from 6th following @ShaggyDan for around 8 laps but he went a touch wide in T1 & got a slow down allowing me to move up into 5th, spent up until the pitstop chasing @rciq & @Lusti being 2.5-3 secs behind but unable to close the gap. Me & rciq pitted together but wasn't until the last 6 or 7 laps that I started to close gap slightly to @rciq who seemed to be gaining on @Lusti, but there wasn't much in it so I finished were I started although was surprised how close this race finished with only around 6 seconds separating the top 6.

Unlucky with your 10sec penalty @marley 57 i know how you feel after mine at Brno... Have to say driver of the day has to go to @dakuza after starting 12th... Also congrats to @Cleeuwn for the win & @Lusti for 3rd


Pro Karter
Apr 23, 2018
Not really colorful race for me had only 30min practice before the race to modify a setup slightly quali to last place. Well come to race i took it super easy first laps and thought to myself i pull into pits lap 2 to get clean laps but lap 2 coming into turn 6 i saw someone had spun on the inside and i took outer line but suddenly @S4Howie slowed down almost entirely and i slammed on the brakes and just managed to avoid him going to the outside only to find out @Mattster had moved there and that resulted in a EASILY avoided crash but with damages from that i lost about 30 seconds for repairs. After that it was just running on my own until i overtook @Midweekcoma and i was closing on howie running in front and it was looking like a good 3 way fight for last place until @Midweekcoma disconnected. After i had a good little scrap with @S4Howie with couple position changes due to mistakes but in the end managed to come out in front for p13.

Compared to last week pretty bad result and boring race but with little to no practice and losing time doing repairs im just happy not to finish last. Till next week and for final push for last positions in the championship:D