PC - AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 5 - Round 1- Sonoma Raceway GP - 20.06.18 @8pm UK time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 5 - Round 1- Sonoma Raceway GP - 20.06.18 @8pm UK time


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Oct 19, 2016


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Mar 13, 2017
Great race guys. This is my first win within an AOR race. Did not expect to win this race. I started 9th on the grid, so any top 10 finish would have been fine by me.

Halfway through lap 1 I was already in 4th place. At some point I was leading the race with roughly 9 seconds to P2. I made my pitstop at the end of lap 20, which dropped me back to P4. I could rather easily catch up with P3 & 2. Unfortunately, I was unable to pass @VoodooChild (don't remember who was in P2 at that moment). This meant losing time to P1, but I didn't mind since the three of us racing so close together was rewarding in it's own way. Too bad @VoodooChild ran a little wide at the last turn before pit entry, but it meant I was one step closer to winning this race.

Around lap 30 @Seamas111 made his pitstop. I was once again in the lead, but only with a 3-4 second gap. In the last 10 laps that gap became smaller and smaller. The last four laps made me push the Aston a little too hard, which meant the rear tires started to overheat and lose grip. In the end the gap was only .7 of a second. So thank you @Seamas111 for making me work for this victory. I think by raw pace you deserve the win more than me.

There is, however, room for improvement when it comes to race quallity. There where way too many cars pointing the wrong way, parking in the gravel or chilling upside down. I hope next race there won’t be as much of that. I do understand that (as far as I know) a lot of drivers in this tier are new to PCars, new to simracing or new to AOR. Maybe it’s an idea for them (or those who are not new, but want to improve) to watch some of the AOR Endurance League races on youtube (from the PoV of the drivers), to see how overtaking/letting cars by is done.

Anyway, I do hope we see lobbies as full as this one for the entire season =D
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Mar 27, 2018
You did an excellent race @Gwegwyn , you were a full second faster than me in your powerboat (god knows how you were able to make a straightline monster like the aston corner so gracefully around sonoma) and you put a lot of pressure on me until i finally made that mistake that sent me a little wide.
I confess that i tried to keep the position - as long and as cleanly as i could - also to help my team mate @Seamas111 who was battling you for P1.
Congratulations on you well deserved victory!
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