PS4 - AOR GT3 S10 - PS4 Tier 3 - Donington Park GP - 18.07.18 @8pm UK time. |

PS4 AOR GT3 S10 - PS4 Tier 3 - Donington Park GP - 18.07.18 @8pm UK time.

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2 times AOR PS4 GT3 Champion
Dec 27, 2015
So my race report is with a little bit of disappointment.

I started 3rd and managed to get 2nd at turn 1, so I had a pretty good start.

Chasing @Noxvi i didn’t had the pace on the first 3 or 4 laps but then started to close on him.

But then came the disappointment... An error at the chicane made me loose the car and go straight into the wall, costing me 15% front aero damage, around lap 7.

Then of course my race was ruined. Lost front grip and the braking was also not ok. So I had to defend as best as I could, but it was very thought since I was 2s per lap slower than I should be.

It was a question of keeping the car on track until the rain came and we all pited, witch allowed me to repair. But he rain came late so most of my race was done with a damaged car, since stoping twice would have been even worse.

At the end I was running 7th but managed to get up two places because of guys abandoning with no fuel I guess.

I had a moment with someone who touched me from behind trying to overtake me - gonna watch the replay to see if there is a case or not.

Nevertheless, I got up to 2nd place on the championship - all in all it was not that bad.

Congrats to @planettoon on the win.

Looking forward to Brno, a place I like very much.

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