XB1 - AOR GT3 S10 - XB1 Tier 3 - ROUND 8 - Hockenheim GP - 08.08.18 @8PM UK time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

XB1 AOR GT3 S10 - XB1 Tier 3 - ROUND 8 - Hockenheim GP - 08.08.18 @8PM UK time


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Jun 2, 2018
I must say this was the best race i've driven so far with no accidents (thank god), and had very consistent pace all race. Good stuff to 2nd and 3rd. @aerosmudge hope your daughter gets well quick brother.

I won't be racing the rest of the season guyz due to a job offer I got in another city, I really wanted to finish the rest of the races but duty calls. I wish you all best of luck @Ron @o Coxon o @Kempster @Lorentzen_94 @Fram3rMike
@GaryWasHere65 @seppel165
See ya'll soon
Good luck with the new Job!

And yeah the fastes guy in our tier!
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Oct 24, 2016
My race review:

Q: On my first flying lap I went off at the chicane in the last sector by a small amount-this and next invalidated.Had time for one more lap,which I took conservatively.
Race Start:Way off the pace this race,so just sat at the back as others span off.Gaining places until locking up whilst trying to pass Greysport after he made contact with @aerosmudge .Sory about that!I was up in P6 I think at that point,trying to take P5,so very dissapointed to mess it up.
Rest of Race:Just went around by myself after that,in the middle or no where.Pitted around Lap 20,and a few laps later I spun out of Turn 1,hit the wall,a lot of damage.Limped back and continued to finish,but @Fram3rMike got passed in the process.I was in the 1min46s all race,quite consistent,but slow.
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