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PC AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 1 - Round 6 - Sakitto GP


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Feb 26, 2018
Ok thanks for your replies.
It wasn't clear for me because "at the end of the first official race lap ", I didn't know if it meant that we had to wait for the lap to be ended to be able to pit.
So the pit window opens once the AOR manual rolling start is done.
I can pit on lap 2, thanks ;)
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RWB Rodders

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Aug 30, 2018
If I may ask, what's the point in the new rule "
● The cool down lap is part of the race event and therefore the same rules are being applied. Crashing into each other is not allowed during the cool down lap or any other particular time during the race event."

I don't see the drawback of letting people crash into each other ?
I've got a fairly good reason - broken fingers. Being hit when not expecting it when you use a DD wheel isn't funny. I almost had my thumb torn off one night and another a chunk of my fingernail got ripped off with after race "fun".

And another is often crashes on the track cause big hitches for others so those still racing can be affected. It shouldn't be done in races like this for that reason alone.


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Feb 2, 2018
I am still at my university and it is highly doubtfull if I am able to make it backe before the race starts. I will have the same problem next week. Therefore pleas grade me back as a reserve driver.

I am very sorry!
I wish all of you just the best!
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Jan 13, 2016
I'm currently out helping my dad and won't make it back in time for the race. Hopefully my championship competitors don't score too many points :ROFLMAO:
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Aug 31, 2018
Didn't want to disturb the racing. Had severe damage from my own spin, made it back in OK time, ready to carry on. Then my crew sent me out without repairing. See you all next week.
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Jan 14, 2017
I didnt think I could have fun with the caddy, it was a very exciting race, I had a lot of fun, I'm sorry for the crash, I didnt expect that he try to get back into line, but I can say that it was one of my most difficult and beautiful races since I run, and it was with the caddy!!!


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ACC Coordinator
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Dec 23, 2017
Was a pretty tense race for me too, even though I got nowhere near as much action as @ScottV and @DiHeidi :D

I didn't find as much time as usual to prepare for the race, but I'd done more than enough laps in TT to at least feel comfortable. All I had by race day was my old TT setup, so I dropped the rear a few mm, tightened the preload a touch and called it a race setup.

Qualifying was terrible, as I'd thought that lowering the wing would be a good idea, should have been faster in theory but blew 130R twice and invalided 3 laps. But at least managed to get a slow time on the board, and started second to last.

Jumped in the pits early, knowing that dirty air would likely cause me to die with a TT style setup. Had some reasonable pace and was almost running in the top 10 when I made the mistake of thinking about 130R on the approach, went a bit deep and onto the kerb, and had a spin. I'm pretty well practised at spins though :rolleyes: so kept it out the wall for 0 damage. Lost about 15 seconds with that, but I don't even think it really effected my finishing position.

13th on the road over the line, 12th in the results (with Andrex not being classified), and finishing on the lead lap is better than I expected on such a dangerous track, in a car that doesn't suit it, so I'm happy.

Congrats to @Mr. Van Ommen on the impressive pole and win, great to see after your reinstall's etc that things are more reliable for you, congrats to @LeoNTheSickOne for closing the gap a little more to the top of the table and of course to @Jardier for the customary podium, that's 6 out of 6 so far.

Thanks to @King-kodiak and @Yorkie065 for the great stream and commentary, and to all at AOR involved in planning and organising things.

Another wet race next week, on a track I don't know, but the M6 looks after me in the wet usually, so I'm reasonably hopeful for a few more points.



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Feb 8, 2018
130R was cruel to me this time...

Got a great qualifying lap in and just managed to beat my PB time. Started the race a bit cautiously and lost few positions before settling in behind @DiHeidi and @ScottV.

Pitted on lap 3 to get some free air only to have @DiHeidi and @ScottV pit and come out from their stops just ahead of me. I seemed to have the pace to challenge them and could keep close easily. Only problem was the framerate stutters I had in some corners in sector 1 and entering 130R. The commentary stream caught one of my stuttering surprises in turn 1 as I went fully sideways behind @DiHeidi. :eek:

Unfortunately the stutters in 130R surprised me on lap 6 and the curbs launched me head on to the outside wall at 230kph. Car got plenty of damage and I crawled towards the pits only to end up speeding as the car wouldn't slow down with all the damage for a 50 sec bonus penalty. Spent close to a minute repairing damage and exited the pits a lap down.

Rest of the race was just driving alone and waiting for the checkered flag while letting the leaders lap me with as little trouble as possible. Not a fun race but at least my pace was decent, doing 1:42's most of the race.

Congrats to @Mr. Van Ommen for a well deserved win and @LeoNTheSickOne and @Jardier for the podium! Special thanks to the commentary team yet again for a fantastic job.