AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 9 - Texas Road |

AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 9 - Texas Road


AOR PC GT3 S10 T5 Champion
Jun 9, 2018
Hi all,

Qualified 17th and was in for a tough race buried deep in the pack.

Had some great close racing with @jaycoool early on. Not the first time this season. Great stuff (y)

Found myself in 10th after Flask spun and set about chasing down the guys ahead. Caught up to @GreaseMonkey eventually who was having an almighty battle with @ShaggyDan and @Migzorn. It was quite early, lap 18ish I think but I thought no way in hell I'm getting involved in that so I dived into the pits and attempted an undercut.

After my stop I immediately had to slow out of the pits to let the leaders through. On fresh tyres vs @Kapo and @Murph on 20 lap old ones I manged to just about keep

Undercut worked a treat though and I managed to jump Gmonkey and Shaggy.

Thanks @StormENT and @eaZed neptune for keeping the mid race interesting. Great to be able to run so close together with no contact :cool:

Congrats to Kapo for the well deserved championship and to the podium for showing the rest of us how it should be done.

eaZed neptune

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jun 22, 2016
@Seamas111 yeah that was cool had some good racing again ..i couldnt hold any of you off though you were all too fast and the more i defended the more errors i made :p.
i took 2 front aero damage on lap 4just glancing the wall so pit lap 5
used same strat as last time 1 set of tyres and pray:LOL:.i tend to go backwards on track but forwards with the pits :ROFLMAO:
last 2-3 laps tyres were gone :rolleyes:
somehow finished p8 which is way better than i expected from 22nd
good race all and congrats to the winners
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PC GT3 S9 AM Champion
Nov 1, 2017
After having incidents in the last few races, this one almost went to plan. I was in 8th from the first lap but found it REALLY hard to overtake anyone at this track. I had lots of issues during my practice race so gave myself lots more rear wing which made me a bit too slow round the oval to make an attack. However what I lost in speed I gained under braking into turn 3.
Up until lap lap 11 there was only a couple of seconds from @Lindholdt in 4th and myself in 8th. I spent most of that time glued to @eXcole - Then at the start of the lap I lost the back end round the banking but managed to ride the wall round the outside with no damage and only losing a couple of seconds. Later that lap @tRIP.. and @GreaseMonkey had a coming together to allow me to slip past into 6th.
Lap 12 and pushing hard to get back on the tail of @eXcole I lost the back end and had a half spin on the grass costing me another 5 seconds. This had the other unfortunate side effect of losing the slip stream and I spent the next 11 laps with no one in front until I pitted on lap 23.
I came out the pits right behind @Seamas111 in 19th place who was a lap behind @Murph and @Kapo who hadn't pitted yet. I managed to overtake @Seamas111 at the end of the lap and stole the slipstream from the leaders until they both pitted, following them past @neptune to take 13th.
As @Murph came into the pits, @Migzorn emerged in front of me so I still had that valuable slipstream and 21 laps to go. Lap 35 and we both slipped past @DoR, along with @Seamas111 who had also been on my tail for some time.
We all eventually caught @Lindholdt who in turn caught Ryan to make our train 5 cars long. @Lindholdt and Ryan came together at the start of lap 39 which allowed myself and @Migzorn to sneak through and allowed me to finally break free of @Seamas111 .
At the end of lap 40 @Migzorn had a slide which just allowed me to overtake on the brakes entering the banking. I was up into 5th......... for 4 turns when I also had some oversteer and lost the place again.
@Migzorn didn't make any more mistakes and defended perfectly so despite my best efforts I was unable to get back past so finished in 6th.

Thanks for some great racing by the people around me and well done to @Kapo for the Drivers championship.