AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Tier 2 - Main Thread |

AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Tier 2 - Main Thread

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 22, 2018
Great season guys, I've enjoyed my Rookie season with AOR! Some great racing happened, I'll definitely be back next season! Thanks to @GaryWasHere65 for hosting despite all the issues that occurred you did a cracking job.(y)

Statement from AMG Black Falcon Racing: "Despite our best efforts we struggled most of the season with getting the grip where needed, we were often on pace and managed to finish mid-pack with a struggling car. Overall it wasn't the season we had hoped for our driver in his rookie season although he battled well with many other racers throughout. We have been negotiating with our driver and it is understood that he will be leaving AMG Black Falcon Racing on a mutual agreement to race for another team next season."

Statement from Royall92 (Syco Syndicate): "Enjoyable first season in AOR GT3 League, unfortunately, the car wasn't competitive enough, although on pace throughout the season I couldn't finish any better than 5th. The AMG struggled with flying laps for qualifying which lead to starting most races towards theback of the grid, causing an uphill battle for most of the races. The car struggled with grip with a lot of high-speed understeer and difficult to set up on hard tyres, this caused a lot of frustration. I believe with a more competitive car I will be able to challenge for the top 3 next season. With that said I will be leaving Black Falcon Racing to move to a more competitive car next season, this will be unveiled after winter testing has been completed."

Thanks to all the race organisers and the decent guys that have been in Tier 2. Catch you next season and hopefully before then.(y)