PC - AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 6 Re-Run: Nürburgring - 17.04.19 @8PM UK Time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 2 - Round 6 Re-Run: Nürburgring - 17.04.19 @8PM UK Time

Captain Slow

AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 3 Champion
Apr 4, 2018
It was great to make a comeback for the last race. I was a bit out of practise as haven't touch my rig for a month so really surprised that I was still able to drive reasonably fast. It was great battling with @inkychris and @dopey401 , congrats on the podium and 1 and 2 on the championship! I won't be able to play weekly anymore as I spend sometimes a fortnight on the boat but will sign up as a reserve for sure and look forward to racing all of you again in the future. Just installed ACC to see how it is as well. CHEERS!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 11, 2018
This race summarizes my season pretty good. Some shitty driving from me, some very good pace mixed in, some mistakes and in the end i couldn't reach the ones i wanted to beat. :cry:

Race started good, but i knew it would take some laps to get on pace, so had to fight tooth and nail with @speedy.go to keep him behind, while not dying early. When we met on track this season we always had some close but fair racing mate, you surely don't make it easy. (y)
Next i closed the resulting gap to @Migzorn and looked for an opportunity to overtake, which was exactly as difficult as at COTA with some risk taking early on the throttle and late on the brakes. Sadly @ìn†erœþtør died right as i got to him. So that left me with some 7 second gap to the front which i got down to about 4.5 i think. Thats when @Shooter80 handed me his place due to a mistake, unfortunately the bright yellow car freightened me again and i decided to pit on lap 12. :p
Took the risk with fresh rubber, knowing the pace would initially be faster and the others would probably drop significant pace at the end. Clean air aswell so was on my own trying to close the gap to @Mattster and @dopey401 aswell as making up the time to shooter who i figured wouldn't take tyres. Was working quite nicely and got closer every lap, but was pushing my limit to much and spun (again) losing around 10 seconds. So that makes 3 out of 3 in the wet which i'm not proud of. When shooter came out of the pits that would've put me infront of him and on the tails of the rest with maybe a shot to try an overtake and make up the points needed to secure P4 in the championship. But i'm still happy with P5. Just a bit sad i didn't had to really fight for it with @tRIP.. out of the equation.

Pretty sure thats as good as i can get with the Audi, needed to drive this thing on it's (and my) limit and sometimes beyond to match pace. And as much as i like it despite the lack of power, it got me a bit frustrated by mid season (this race exactly) and i like to think thats why i made more mistakes since then.

So to sum it up, congratulations to @inkychris (who is now hopefully returning to his planet) @dopey401 (TWO LENGTHS BACK - still funny, hope to annoy you more next time) and @Captain Slow (who towed me around Daytona like a bro and then broke my heart by pitting quicker)

Also thanks to the guys coordinating and reminding us how cool lights on are @Shooter80 @VoodooChild @Marvin

See you on track!


GP2 Test Driver
Nov 18, 2016
A fun finale race for me , 4th place , good pace and some teamwork ;)
Congrats to @inkychris for the championship and to @dopey401 and @Captain Slow for the top3
Also to team G-CR for the constructors title
Despite some misfortunes, bugs and disconnections i managed to improve a lot trough the season.

This was also my finale race for Project Cars 2 in general.
Maybe we will see again in some new ACC League


AOR PC Endurance League S4 GTE Champion
Oct 23, 2017
Got disconnected after qualy. I think it was my internet connection acting up though. I didn't feel well that day, so it was probably for the best. I couldn't practise much for the last couple of weeks. The wooden floor in our bedroom was damaged, which is why we were sleeping in my gaming rig room. Our little kid is 2 years old and she's still sleeping with us, so on wednesdays she had to sleep on the couch in our living room, which is rather uncomfortable. Anyway, our bedroom is now repaired, and I'm back in business :D

So, congrats to @inkychris for championship win, @dopey401 and @Captain Slow for podium positions. You guys are crazy fast. I think the entire tier 2 is getting faster and faster, I almost couldn't keep up :) My qualy times were almost every time tragicly slow compared to the rest of the field :D (thank god for those reverse grid races :p)

Also, thanks to everyone who helped organizing this league. Looking forward to the next season!


AOR PC GT3 S12 T2 Champion
Dec 9, 2018
Thanks everyone for the congratulations, it's been an incredible first season. Little shaky at the start of the season with performance issues but I stuck with it and very glad I did!

I started the race with the target of just staying on track and finishing. That said, I didn't want to make @Captain Slow feel too comfortable at the start of the race. Had some great racing with him and @Shooter80 at the front. I wasn't prepared to push too aggressively so it really was a game of least mistakes. Finally managed to get a nose in along side Captain Slow and squeeze past ready to chase down Shooter who sadly almost immediately acquainted himself with the puddle on the back straight. From there I just kept an eye on the splits, trying to gauge whether people were pitting for tyres but it looked like either way I was matching pace so opted for a late stop and go.

Absolutely fantastic way to win the championship and so glad I joined AOR for this season, it's been such a great atmosphere and great racing; looking forward to many more! Thanks to all the organisers and those who hosted throughout the season, and congratulations of course to @dopey401 and @Captain Slow for the championship podiums!

Bring on next season!


ACC Coordinator
Staff member
ACC Coordinator
Premium Member
Dec 23, 2017
That was a fun race, great way to end the season.

Not a clue where my pole time came from, somehow driving that track in the M6 in ACC made me faster in PC2, or maybe I just put in a perfect lap. Nurb GP is one of my favourite tracks, probably my 2nd most driven track over all sims so I guess that helped.

Even starting from 1st, I really didn't expect to have a chance at the win, but my early pace wasn't bad, and @inkychris and @Captain Slow were slowing each other down fighting for second so I managed to keep the lead for the first 11 or 12 laps or so...until I managed to forget about that puddle on the back straight (which I had been repeatedly doing in practice too). I really deserved to end up in the wall but the M6 treated me well and somehow straightened up as I landed off a big bump in the gravel, but lost 5 seconds and slipped back to 3rd.

After that, and a bit of frustration leading me to have a half spin at T1 on the next lap followed by a lap of racing @eXcole before he pitted for tyres, it was pretty much just some solo laps to the end. I was convinced I was racing @eXcole for 3rd, but due to not having a pit strategy to change tyres I was just going to pit on the last laps and hope I could keep enough of a gap.

But alas, no champagne for me, both @dopey401 and @Mattster had executed a perfect undercut after pitting early on, and I had to settle a few seconds back for 5th at the line. I guess pace wise, if I hadn't lost the time in the gravel I would have been fighting for 3rd or 4th in the last lap, but I'll just be glad that I didn't end up in the barrier (y)

Congrats, of course to our new Tier 2 Champion @inkychris (all the best of luck in Tier 1 next season), to @dopey401 for a very well deserved 2nd in the championship, and to @Captain Slow for being the exact opposite of his name and being so damn quick at all the races he could attend. I'm quite happy with 4th overall, after a very poor start to the season, but I'm super happy with how much fun I've had, and how good the racing has been all season, since that's really what matters most.

Thanks of course to @Marvin, @VoodooChild and all the rest of AOR for organising such a great season, its never easy, and sometimes a lot harder than it seems from the outside.

I'll be taking a break from organised races between seasons, but I'll hopefully I'll see you all again on track soon.