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PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 4 - Main Thread


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Jul 9, 2016

Hell of a season! We started out a bit rough the first few races but T4 came together and cleaned it up. Afterwards, we had great races and battles across the entire Tier which was proven by how tight the points were leading up to Nurb GP re-do for round 11!


It has been an honor to get to know new people and race again with those from previous seasons. Well done to everyone, I really enjoyed the people involved!

It was a rough season with things out of our control but you guys stuck with it and improved AOR as a result!!

@DustyPigz @Woisa thanks for hosting the races! @mikeself thanks for helping behind the scenes.


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Mar 6, 2017
Well, after a little longer delay….Congrats to @GIXXERosg for title and thx to @DustyPigz @Woisa for hosting and other who also helped to run this season. Sadly, I didn't (for the first time) run whole season, (maybe things could be a little more interested :) ) but it was pleasure and honor to know some new people and to race with you all guys!!!!
Thank you all for everything and especially for clean and fair driving! See you, I hope, next season!!!!


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Feb 12, 2019
Please add me, i feel there is no point just racing rammers, i might as well pack it in other wise :)