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PS4 AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 - Driver Introduction Thread


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Jun 18, 2016

AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 12
Driver Introduction

Hello and welcome to Season 12 of the AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Leagues.

The purpose of this thread is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the other drivers, so we can get to know about each other's situation and aspirations from this season.


1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)
2) Did you participate in season 11? If so in which tier and how did it go?
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?
4) Do you like some of the new changes for this season?

Feel free to ignore above template and introduce yourself in your way!
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May 20, 2018
1. Cameron, Age 22, Work as Care Assistant but been off sick since March as currently recovering from a serious motorcycle accident (what made me to game more and founded AOR). My favourite overall track is Spa-Franchorchamps, ideally old layout as was tricky but even modern track is good. Good test of car and set up and driver.
2. Yes, Tier 5. Didn't go so well as had series of bad luck and coming down ill made me loose drastic pace.
3. Ideally top 5 is my goal but as long as I do better than last season, I be happy as was bad S11 for me.
4. Yes I did and liking it.


AOR PS4 Endurance S3 T1 GTE Champion
Mar 24, 2016
Name: Paolo, 49 yo :oops: , Italian, working (at home) for a small translation agency (ITA-ENG-RUS... I'm not one of the translators :ROFLMAO:)
Favourite track: Algarve, Favourite cars: GT3, GTE
Did not participate in GT3 season 11. Recent Endurance S3 (GTE class) was my first champ on AOR and I won it (with a bit of luck)
What do I hope to achieve during this season? Podium is always my target


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Jun 13, 2018
Hello guys,
1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)

My name is Jeroen (37) I'm a Royal Netherlands Airforce Targeteer currently working for NATO (which means i decide which weapon is neccessary for a certain type of target to achieve a certain type of effect on it) My hobbies are F1 and Soccer and PC2 of course, dpn't have a favourite track yet, that may come.

2) Did you participate in season 11? If so in which tier and how did it go?

Yes i did, finished 6th :) in Tier 5.

3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?

Finishing higher than last year, aiming for top 5! Have fun and fair races and learn to be a better driver. Find more time for training PC2 since this is now and then very difficult with work, kids, and so on....

4) Do you like some of the new changes for this season.

Yeah i do, the more realistic the more fun!


AOR PS4 GT3 S13 T4 Champion
Apr 9, 2017
Hey All!

I'm Tom, 29, live in the UK and this will be my 2nd full season at AOR.

Was disappointed with 8th in tier 5 after a couple of disconnections, but my goal for this season in Tier 6 is to make the podium in one or two races. There#s a couple of familiar faces from last season, so it would be nice to beat some of the guys I had some close racing with last year.

I'm happy to see the Ferrari return to the grid to give some more variety. Bring it on! :)


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Jan 13, 2019
Greetings grid friends / future arch rivals :cool:
I’ve been sim racing on and off since the GT4/5 days with a wheel and pedals setup, finally got involved again and onto PS4 / PC2 I’m December. Love Monza, Spa, hate Monaco lol :LOL:

I’ve usually gone for formula cars but have also loved GT500 and LMP1/2 - came to GT3 for the competition as it’s so popular, think I found it!
This will be my first league season of any kind, really looking forward to it especially after the evaluation race - I binned it turn one, ended up 11 of 12, came back to get P4 so hopefully I can drive that well without the cock-up in future ;)

Look forward to a great season racing you all, best of luck to everyone - see you all in the grid next week!

Anyone wanna add me on PSN - MATARANG_82


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Jul 20, 2018
Hi - Andy (47) - Accounts Manager.
Favourite track: Oulton Park (closely followed by Silverstone).

Season 11 was my first AOR experience (first time racing online actually). So glad I joined. The staff are fantastic and the racing was superb. So much respect between the guys.

First half of the season was a frustrating affair. Tier 3. Newbie mistakes every week. Didn't even Ready Up a couple of times so didn't even start the race. Second half was better - won a couple of races and the rest were fairly consistent. Came joint 4th in the end.

For S12, hoping for a consistent 10 races. Fingers crossed I can win a couple more but regular top five finishes is the goal.


PS4 Triple Crown Le Mans LMP1-H tier 1 Winner
Apr 10, 2018
Hello my name is Ethan Graham, or VSR Thomasethan
I’m 17 and live in the uk.
I’m currently studying Motorsport Engineering and build race cars from the ground up. I’ve participated in GT3 since S10 in the elite tier and each season my goals have been more ambitious, this season I’m aiming for a win or two and consistently aiming for podiums. Hopefully by the end of the season I will be in the top 3. I don’t really have any rivals, but a lot of the drivers in PS4 Elite are very fast and tough to race so this will be hard work but I’m all ready for it, I also have a YT Channel, VSR Thomasethan


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DiRT Coordinator
Aug 7, 2017
My name is Igor, I'm from Belgium and I'm 26. Just quit my job so time enough to practice :D (looking for a job as business analyst)
Last season I was in tier 1 and best position was P2. I hope to be able to be on the podium again this season. Hopefully on top once, but that's going to be extremely difficult in this highly competitive tier 1. No real rivals but a lot of guys I've raced before and I know I can cleanly fight for positions. So that should be a good bit of fun.
I'm really happy that accelarated tyre wear is gone and that the 488 is back.


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Jun 28, 2016
Hey guys. I'm archie. Took part in last season after a long break from aor. Finished runner up in a strong season but didn't take a victory which was my only down point having being close on a few occasions. Hoping this season I can maybe get a victory and fight for the title again but looking at the roster of tier 4 it won't be easy and I can see a lot of names that are strong racers.

I can sense an epic season coming where you could have anyone winning races.


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Jan 14, 2019
Hello,my name is Sergios,I'm 30 years old,from sunny Greece.I'm working as barman and i run my own small business.This is my first time here and I heard about you from Ricky Brosh YT channel.
I'm completely newbie in the game and in sim racing in generally.So finishing in top 10 would be fine.


2 times AOR PC2 champion
Nov 15, 2018
1) Tell us about yourself.
My name is Jorn Zoetekouw. I am 18 years old living in The Netherlands. My sport is motocross since I was 3 years old. My mother is working by a Endurance Race Organisation since 2006. They organize also the 24H Dubai. So I am always involved in machinacal sports. I also work as a voluntuur for this company and visitid a lot of race tracks all over the world!
2) Did you participate in season 11?
No this is the first ever online race leauge. Since I was a small kid I always played race games on my PS3 with steering wheel.
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?

My hopes are to have fun and clean racing. That is the main thing what I like about PC2. That is also the reason why I decided to participate this leauge because of the clean racing. The normal lobby's aren't any fun anymore... Currently I have no rivals because I am new but I am sure after round 1 I have rivals for the rest of the season.


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Jan 13, 2019
Hi racing drivers,

1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)

My name is Petr, 36yo, I live in most beautiful city (Prague) and just love motorsport in every form. My favourite series are WEC, LeMans 24hr, endurance GT3 races.
My favourite tracks are Bathurst, RedBull ring and Nordschleife.

2) Did you participate in season 11? If so in which tier and how did it go?

No, I am new here.

3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?

I want to just enjoy the races, meet new fair drivers from other countries and If possible to finish on the podium at least sometimes.

4) Do you like some of the new changes for this season.

I can´t say that because of the point no. 2.


Formula 4 Test Driver
May 10, 2018
My name is Gordie, I am 16 years old and I’m Scottish, which means I swear a lot I race in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge in real life for Fox Motorsport. In Project Cars 2 my favourite track has to be Knockhill, but in real life with the Ginetta the most fun has to be Donnington.

I competed in S11 and done really well at the start of the season but then began to make mistakes that cost me the championship. I am pushing to win this season and my main rival? Well, guess we will find out.


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Mar 28, 2018
Hi, i'm Jan Willem (JW) , Dutch , 37 years old...Production Team leader within a company that produce flight, race sim motion and control loading systems

Joined AoR S10, really like this community and see even more familair faces this season like @bax and @Jannutz which I've raced with in a non AoR League

2) Did you participate in season 11? Yes, T4 were we had a lot op potential winners like, @Mhill , @Archie619 , @colephelps-la2 (champion of S11),. @RRacerF4N and a few others..hope we have a similair season!

3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?
Top 5 i am aiming for... And prevent @colephelps-la2 Will take the championship again ;-)... Just kidding


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Jun 19, 2018
Hi my name is Frederik Nielsen and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently working as a bartender until I have figured out what I wan't to become.
This is my first time at any AOR league.
My goals this season is just to have fun and meet some nice clean racers which I'm sure I will and maybe finnish on the podium or maybe even a race win.