PS4 - AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 Evaluation Race 2 24.01.19 |

PS4 AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 Evaluation Race 2 24.01.19

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VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
@Mr_Masnot70 @GohstvanHunter
@BenGMan @Marcos Moutinho @Hansmeiser @Fred Ogega
@Lanzellotti Minardi Minardi
@kieranrp @Gazza

All, dont forget its your time to shine tonight and ill be your host for the evaluation race so dont forget to add me to your PSN making it clear its for the evaluation race please.
Guys ive only had 4 PSN requests, please make sure you add me or you wont get an invite, my PSN is Davidben85, please also reply to this message with your PSN so i can make sure youre added.
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