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PS4 AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 Tier 1 - Main Thread

VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
It does very much, and I believe your comment was not fair.
Interesting, well, thanks for your comments and its good to see you showing some concerns for the other drivers, cute.

However! rules are rules Arcil whether you like them or not. Unfortunately, as this does not conern you, as i previously noted, i will not justify my comments to you. I will however, should i be required, explain my actions directly to the individual drivers. Thanks again.
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 28, 2016
I am second reserve at tier 2 lads and might not be able to race this wednesday. Shown good pace last wednesday with my big BMW and happy to join any tier as a regular to be fair.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 12, 2018
Good Morning.

There are many drivers (including reserves) willing to demonstrate what they are capable of in the highest level league in AOR.

There is a solution as drastic as effective to guarantee the participation of the pilots and that is applied in other Championships. This solution is very simple, missing more than 20% of the races means losing the place in your league.

The reason for the absence is irrelevant because there is no possible way to verify this reason, the pilot can be absent without further, can have personal commitments last minute (we all have), you can suffer one of those mysterious and habitual disconnections when breaking your car , or simply having an unstable connection despite the connection tests that are done before the start of each season.

The important thing in my opinion is to make the pilots think that organizing this type of leagues requires a lot of effort, work, dedication and hours of free time from the organization and, therefore, all the pilots that participate we MUST CORRESPOND with a commitment to 100% going to the races, because in addition, many pilots dedicate hours and hours of our free time to be in the highest level league possible.

I do not want my words to be misinterpreted, I am not pointing to anyone because everyone already knows what their commitment is, I just want what we all want, see full lobbies until the end of the GP and compete as it should.

A greeting.


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Aug 6, 2018
Sorry guys won’t be seeing the season out. Motivation lost with this game feel like I’m not alone sorry and thanks to everyone that put the league together
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 28, 2016
Still looking for being a full time racer. People got a habbit of not being able to race on the very last minute. Life of a reserve on tier 2 lol


DiRT Coordinator
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DiRT Coordinator
Aug 7, 2017
Great season guys it was a pleasure racing with you guys, congrats to @ESR_theschmid on the title, and also on the constructors with @ESR_InFect
Thanks @VSR Davidben for hosting and organising this :)
Also big thanks to @A.O.R Evildragon for commentating the races, mostly alone and still doing a great job.
I'd say see you guys next season but don't think I'm going to join GT3 next season and of I do it will be on PC.
Maybe I'll join you on iracing @VSR Davidben :)


AOR PS4 GT3 S12 T1 Champion
Oct 31, 2017
Thank oyou guys for this season. I never thought that I will be that competitiv as I was this season. I saw that I iproved so much in one year. :)
I had so good battles this season and the best ones where at the Nürburgring or at Snetterton! I enjoyed every second :love:
Congratulatoin to @Archil for the second place and my teammate @ESR_InFect for the third one in the championship.
Unfortunately I won't join the next league on PS4 because I will get a Pc in the comming moths and I hope to see some guys there.

A big thank to @VSR Davidben for the organisation of the league and our commentator @A.O.R Evildragon. I enjoyed every livestream after our races.

If someone are searching for a setup you could find them on my own channel:
You will find there any setup for a GT3 car and when you need a special one don't hasitate to contact me :)