PS4 - AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 Tier 1 Round 8 - Daytona Road Course - 27.03.19 @8pm UK time |

PS4 AOR GT3 S12 - PS4 Tier 1 Round 8 - Daytona Road Course - 27.03.19 @8pm UK time

VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017

ROUND 8 - Daytona Road Course

Event Information:
Date: Wednesday March 27th 2019
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)
● Event format:
Race: 50 laps (1 formation lap + 49 race laps)​
● Weather Conditions:
For weather conditions and progression, please visit the Weather Center

● In-game time-of-day information:
Date: 01/09/2019​
Race start time: 20:00 (PM)​
Manual Rolling Start Information:
Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

● Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.
● No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.
● Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.
● Save your replay: As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

Useful Links:
League Information
Race Calendar
League Rules

Informed No Shows:

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VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
Welcome to Daytona!

The second 90 minute race of the season. Last season we saw some super close racing at Texas Road. We hope to see the same kind of racing here at Daytona. Unlike the race at Texas Road, the race will not take place in the middle of the night. However we will still be racing in the dark as the race starts at 8PM local time.

Race: Fog > Heavy Clouds
1x weather progression


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May 9, 2018
practice race sign-ups are live:-



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Jan 29, 2019
@VSR Davidben sorry guys I am unable to join you next week. Have a good race and good luck everyone!

Would like to say I'm gutted to miss Daytona, but in the Audi i think I'll get over it :LOL:
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Jarryd Vermeulen

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Nov 21, 2017
What times should we be aming to be competitive. Low 45s?

VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017

Round 8 - Daytona Road
Driver briefing
For this track we didn't find any potential corner cutting which could not get recognized by the in-game track limit detection. Therefore all parts of the track the in-game track limits apply.

General information
Due to the nature of the Daytona circuit, there is no way to do a standing start at this circuit. As a result the starting process will be slightly more complicated than usual:
  • The race session will begin with cars under AI control for a few seconds* - Do not apply any throttle during this time.
  • Once drivers have manual control over their car, proceed at a speed below 120kph until you have crossed the start/finish line.
  • Once all drivers have crossed the start finish line everyone should slow to a speed of around 15kph and move to the far left side of the track.
  • As per coordinator instructions, drivers should then pull ahead in their specified starting order and form a new pack with the correct starting order (as per the reverse championship order).
  • Once the grid has been reformed in the correct order, the lap will continue as per the normal manual AOR rolling start.

*If anyone suffers any damage during the AI control phase of the start, inform your coordinator as soon as possible. Providing it is realistic to do so, you may be released from the pack to go ahead and repair your damage. Once repaired, you must wait at the end of the pitlane for the pack of cars to pass, then rejoin at the back. A second formation lap will likely be carried out to allow you to move forward to your correct starting place.



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Oct 1, 2017
Race : P2
Wow. I didn't really expect to be able to fight for win the race, I still don't believe it. I'm just sorry for the spin out of the chicane on lap 6 but getting P2 is also beyond my expectations so I'm really happy with the result. I now await the next race to understand and see if this is an isolated performance or if I can actually compete with the top drivers of this tier. Congratulations to everyone, especially to the podium guys! Bye super drivers!!

VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
@kieranrp so whats happening ? You messaged earlier yesterday saying your ps4 might be broke but you didnt update me as to whether it was or wasnt, is it fixed are you able to finish the season, hows it looking ?