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XB1 AOR GT3 S12 - XB1 Evaluation Race 1 [23/01/19]

Mick Tartan

AOR XB1 GT3 S12 T2 Champion
Staff member
PCARS Coordinator
Sep 1, 2018
I got kicked about half way ,, nice clean racing up to then , went for an early pit to get some free air .. Hopefully get another shot at it somehow . Thanks


Semi-Pro Karter
Nov 29, 2018
Thanks for the host and mates for entertaining and clean evening at Germany!
There was a good battle of bunch of 3-4 cars in the middle pack in early laps. I was looking how that settles but once I hoped to attack, the guys just pulled away.
Despite of kicking the sides of the podium I lacked the pace the challenge anyone on the track.
Anyway happy to stay mostly on track, hitting the wall once plus minor excursions. Not bad for a first proper outing.
See You in England!


Pro Karter
Jan 21, 2019
Nice clean race, with some battles in the first few laps. Unfortunately my race pace wasn't good enough. I spend too much time on the time trial and not enough time on the evaluation race.