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AOR Project CARS 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 12
Evaluation Races: General Information

Note: This is the 3rd and final step of the sign-up process for the GT3 Leagues. Before taking part in an evaluation race, make sure you have signed up to the league in the sign-up thread and completed your Time-Trial.

You only need to participate in one of them!

The pre-season evaluation races are being arranged for a few reasons:

● It will work as an additional means to help us judge your league placement, by allowing us to see how you perform on race pace.
● It will give us a taste of your race craft and ability to race cleanly and stay out of trouble.
● It will show us that you are properly committed to taking part in the upcoming league season, and allow us to weed out potential inactive sign-ups before the season has started.

How to take part:
Below you can find links to a race thread for each of the evaluation race nights. Enter the thread of the race day that suits you the most, and sign up there by replying with your Steam Id. It is possible to set up multiple lobbies per evaluation race day if necessary.

Drivers new to AOR need to do atleast one evaluation race. Returning drivers are free to join, but new drivers have priority.
If you for some reason are unable to attend on all race nights, due to reasons out of your control, then leave a message in this thread to let us know. Drivers who fail to attend any of the races, without informing us with a good reason, will not be included in the league placements.

Race threads:

AOR GT3 S12 - XB1 Evaluation Race Wednesday 23/01/19
AOR GT3 S12 - XB1 Evaluation Race Thursday 24/01/19
AOR GT3 S12 - XB1 Evaluation Race Monday 28/01/19

More information about the race itself can be found within the race threads.
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forget what I said. We had a small spelling mistake in our list. You took part in S11 and finished T2 8?!