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PC AOR GT3 S13 - PC Tier 3 - Main Thread

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 5, 2016
I'm afraid I have to cancel. Really sorry, but I got a phone from my boss. Has to step in for a sick colleague.
Perhaps I can follow the race with the notebook. really sorry

Jordy van Oosten

GP2 1st Driver
Sep 12, 2016
man what a race
wasn't able to get a fast lap in due to people crashing before the last corner, and was on to a hell fast lap as well.
During the formation lap I didnt even catch up to the pack when the race had started so was a bit confused going down the straight. unfortunately teammate and i got in a collision in the braking zone to turn 1 so that ruined his race.
then i went on to do a overtake race and got up to tenth place, not bad starting from second to last.
making a little spin on the second to last corner i got hit in the side and had to spent the whole race with pretty severe damage which was totally wrecking my lap times. but in the end im glad i got to the finish in the position i did, since i had some damage and a spin and started from the back.......
next time ill have to take more care getting a gap in qually and then i think i might have a proper race. and i hope me and my teammate can go for some real points


Junior Karter
May 29, 2019
Hello, unfortunately I decided to leave the league and project cars for the time being. I wish you all good luck, success and fun this season. So long, your Kakaolord.
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