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PS4 AOR GT3 S13 - PS4 Tier 2 - Main Thread

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Jun 18, 2016
Hi guys ;) @PRG_FrankForest @Slicker
Just wondering why there has been no AOR official FEEDBACK THREAD for S13 GT3 ? First time in 4/5 years there hasnt been one . :rolleyes:
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Dec 30, 2015
Oh :confused:didnt realise this was official . They have always been done by a Moderator (staff) normally. Where all the Tiers normally know , as soon as the season is finished.:unsure:Must of been overlooked by staff , it seems . Thought it was someone just messing about tbh. Dont think many will know about this, and with very little activity, that seems the case. Thanks anyhow. (y)
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