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PC AOR GT3 S14 - PC Tier 2 - Round 4: Sonoma GP - 13.11.19 @8PM UK TIME


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jun 13, 2019
great race comrades! gz @GromozekA again, what a brilliant performance! I thought I could catch up with you after my 1.8sec pitstop BUUUT went out once, 4dmg to the front, lost 3 secs AND GOT A 2SEC PENALTY :unsure: :poop:

didn't matter, you were simply untouchable mate :)

huge compliments as well to almost all the lapped drivers - communicating well and giving space in an instant although some of you were fighting for positions within milliseconds at times (y)

although 2 particular drivers didn't give space at all. Cost me about 2-3 seconds at 3 differenct occasions, bcs those two simply were defending like it was the last race in Formula 1 world championship... also destroyed my pole lap; came back from a spin in the gravel and forced me to break... in that lap I already had -0.7s in sector 2... Well to you guys: just watch your mirror and listen to discord. Especially if you're letting some drivers by without hesitating and keep holding up others for minutes... seems deliberate at first glance but I won't imply or assume that of course.
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 23, 2019
Well, the only good thing about this race for me is that it's over.
I had a very good start, went from P14 to P8 until I was forced to go wide in T6, too wide and I spun, to come back in P19. A few laps later, I spun in turn 3. Both times, no damage, luckily.
Then somewhere around lap 13, 14 from the top of my head I was slightly more on the outside going into the hairpin than I thought, and I ran into the wall there.

First time pitting for damage. I came back one lap down on the leaders, exactly where I dropped off. So I could, in a way, go on with my battle with @Thomas Dikken, though not for position anymore. I hope he didn't mind me being very close to his bumper and pressuring him :D. Had @TicklishPicklewickle right behind me and we had a nice fight for P15 (?) right behind Thomas. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end when Andu came out of the pits, I had to drive a slightly different line than I normally did and in the next turn my car broke out, sending me into the wall again.

Pit #2. Basically, it was survival. I came back on track right where I left the battle, behind a very large group consisting of many cars. It was fun to follow because I had the same speed. Unfortunately, I crashed again, and on the most stupid way possible. I was looking at the inside of the corner and ignored a large blue tyre heap right in front of me. Derp.

Somehow, not dead last, which is something considering literally everything went wrong.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 16, 2016
Here is my onboard:

Was Fun. I missed one corner got DMG and 23,9 sec repair time in pit, but after was fine again.
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Jan 8, 2019
Thank you all for a great race.
Thank you, @mbkmsi for keeping me honest and holding my feet to the fire... all I had on you was 3 tenths per lap at race pace - and that's mostly due to your troubles in the first few laps. What a brilliant pit stop for you though, I ended up sitting in the box for almost 6 seconds.
@duce, you're mister consistency - I'll have to watch out for you and your compatriot @mbkmsi on your home soil next week.
I feel for you @D.Brezancic, just one small hiccup on lap 1 cost you almost a whole field in places - I was rooting for you (secretly) after watching your blazing performance in Texas!
@Enton and @Tw1c3 | Fancy eSports, it looked like your race just fell apart (bad luck?), I was expecting a serious challenge from @Enton especially.
Quali was half-a-second too slow for me - I just couldn't get it together. That McLaren has a lot more in it, even on default setup.
For me it was a story of opening the gap and keeping it safe - keeping them tires viable for the whole race and not pitting into traffic.
Onto the RING! next.


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Mar 30, 2018
oh man, @pLock what a pitty you crashed on the finish line :( i was right behind you, so i crashed to you, lost my rear wing and get damaged :cry:
i think that was lap 3
My dumbass mistake costed us dearly... Car was awful tbh, setup was pretty bad. It as been a rough couple of races with disconnects and dumb mistakes.


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Oct 23, 2016
Hard race for me...with mixed feelings. Started 6th then @TicklishPicklewickle took me out at third corner I believe....Those thing happens but be careful mate.
I know what you're saying, but I'm not sure I could be any more careful than I was. Hugged the inside of the corner as much as I could and we still came together. I'm not accusing you of anything here but I don't think it's fair to pin it all up on me. You had plenty of space on the outside as well so all in all I think it was a racing incident


F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 6, 2017
@TicklishPicklewickle well i expect to hear gentleman apologize, (dont like stewards inquire except if someone is trying to be not so friendly)...i was with almost whole length of the car in front of you and on right side thats true, turning to the left to use racing line and didnt do any erratic move or something.... so you should let me through I believe. The kick from back is always error from someone who did it.


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jun 13, 2019
@GromozekA you should stick around for an interview with @EikeSky sometime. We would all love to talk with and hear from you :giggle:

but for the rest: yea I figured we had pretty much the same pace. But for the first 10-15 laps I was struggling so hard, I slided and drifted almost in every corner. After that I was consistent enough to keep the 10second gap.. but didn't work out :p

At lap 35 I decided to try to get the fastest lap and had my fastest in lap 39, but again! You were waaay too quick :D
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