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Sep 11, 2016

AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 14
Driver Introduction

Hello and welcome to Season 14 of the AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Leagues.

The purpose of this thread is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the other drivers, so we can get to know about each other's situation and aspirations from this season.


1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)
2) Did you participate in season 13? If so in which tier and how did it go?
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?
4) Do you like some of the new changes for this season?

Feel free to ignore above template and introduce yourself in your way!
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AOR PS4 GT3 S13 T4 Champion
Apr 9, 2017
Hi all,

I’m Tom, 29. Project Manager from Kent in England.

This will be my 4th full season in AOR. After some near misses, I finally took the tier 4 championship last season.

it’s a shame there’s a lot less drivers competing now, but it’s good to see some familiar names I’ve raced with in previous seasons and practice races, so I’ll be happy to be around mid-table.

Very glad to see the dropped score retained for this season, as I’ll be missing the first round, but lol forward to seeing all of you on track!

I live stream all of my races on Twitch, which are then cut into highlights, here:

I keep all my career stats on my website here:


AOR PS4 Touring Car T2 Champion
Jul 6, 2019
I m Greg, 28. From Belgium, I m à truck driver. My passion is litteraly the race.
Favorite track : Spa and nordschleiffe :love:
I m in the season 13 but on the reserve..
My rival for this season is @Slicker At each race, we had a good fight.
Dont wanna change nothing for me, all s good

All my race are here
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Benji McCluskey

Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 24, 2019
Hi, probably a bit late to the party here.

I'm Benjamin, most people call me Benji, and I'm 18. This is my first time racing in aor but I've been league racing for just over 4 years.

I don't really have any goals for this season, probably just don't make silly mistakes and drive to the best of my ability.

If I can match @Gazza on pace each week, that will be a bonus. But don't think the team will allow me to beat him lol

PSN: Boy_RaXer14

You tube


Formula 4 Test Driver
Apr 11, 2019
Hi I'm Chris (otherwise known as Essa (its Cornish for the town I live in) from Cornwall, I'm 38 and work in IT.

This is only my second season with AOR, last season being my first and I competed in Tier 2. I have only been Sim Racing online for about 18 months. This is also only the second time of racing in the GT3 class.

My goals changed when I found out I was going to be in Tier 1 this season (which was a shock tbh), but really my goals for this season is to race clean make few mistakes and get on the leaders pace.


PS4 GT3 S9 AM Champion
Jan 30, 2018
Adrian, 40, lecturer from Ireland, been sim racing a good few yrs now and with AOR since season 9 on the gt3. Goal for this season is to win a race in my beloved Ferrari and that's it really. The tiers have shrunk a bit here but I also signed up for the DIRT rally league which isn't going so well but here for the quality of the racing and the community. Cheers


Formula 4 Test Driver
Apr 11, 2019
Hi all. I'm 34 old and I'm a web developer from Ukraine.
Hard to say what is my favorite track. I can tell that I love to race on Spa Francorchamps, LeMans 24 hours and, no matter what combination, Nurburgring. I like to race on different cars, mostly rear-wheel drive.

It's my very first GT3 season in my life. I would like to learn during the season how to race GT3 cars, how to set up a car, learn tracks, etc - get racing experience.
For sure I would like to win as much as possible. ;)

Cheers colleagues!