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Jul 24, 2018
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May 26, 2019
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Hello guys!

I was thinking about how to close this season for myself, and I decided to make a small retrospection about our races in my POV.
First of all some of you know me from the 13th season, which was my first ever competitive league racing in AOR. There I raced in Tier 2 with many nice guys. In Imola I started my season and AOR career with a close win against Willy, but then I had some worse results, and had my second win only in the last round in Brno. But with these ups and downs I was able to fight until the end with Willy and Spartan, and finally in the re-run of the round 7 in Indianapolis with a nice battle I could win my first champion title in sim-racing. I couldn't imagine a better start in this fantastic community.

A few months later we started the 14th season of GT3's, in which I stepped up to the Elite tier. I was so happy to be compete with the guys who I knew only from the streams or earlier season-statistics. Of course, I was a bit (ok, much) afraid if I can be a real opponent and could have chance to be in the podium at the end, or I will have a lesson from the BIG guys :)
So, with Willy, Tom and Spartan (who was my formal teammate, but he retired during the season) we started to catch our dreams in Tier 1.

I decided to use my old Merc to race. Before the season started the race calender was released. For the first time I was a bit schocked of the american tracks, because I'm not a big fan of them. In Texas and Sonoma I have never raced before. Nordschleife: I do love to watch racing cars to fight on this traditional track, but for me it's not the favourite, I won't mention it between my top 10 tracks. Sakitto, Bugatti and Hockenheim Classic were a black horse for some of us. Spa is an ever favourite track not for me, but almost all of the people who love motorsports. So, I was really excited about this season and I needn't to be disappointed.

Let's start the engines!

Round 1: Watkins Glen
My first ever race in the big guys' territory. I have to say that I had a bit of stage-fright before the race. In the qualy I was shocked that I got more than a second from Bob. I knew that it won't be the same as in T2, but I thought for a smaller gap to the top guys. Ok, let's race...it was one of my worst online race I ever did in Project CARS 2. I had a so good start from P4, I was able to reach the top 3, but then I touched the grass in turn 2. Unfortunately Khaos was right next to me, I hit him and both of our races were ruined...went in pit for some repair, then I realised I chose a wrong tyre strategy, which caused me 2 spins and 1 wall-kiss. So, finally I finished in 9th position almost a lap down. Nice start, isn't it?

Round 2: Laguna Seca
I really don't love the extreme hot conditions: not only in the game, but in IRL, as well. So, this race seemed another hard one for me. The AMG is not he best in the slower tracks, and in hot conditions I had to be extra careful with my rear tyres. A bigger throttle, or some more slides and they're gone. Racing with overheated tyres against you wasn't an ideal scenario. So, I made a way more adjusments in my setup.
30th October: Raceday! I got a usual gap of 1 second from the top guys. In the race (don't know from where) I found a much better speed than the qualy and was able to follow Khaos and Tom, and to defend the attacks of P4thos. I accumulated 2 secs penalty, which made the end of the race a bit stressed :) So, some laps before the end Khaos spun just in front of me, and I got the lead. Tom was closer and closer to me, but until the end I saved 7 tenths and WTF?? I won the race from the midfield :unsure: Wow, maybe I have some chance to compete with the BIG's? We'll see ;)

Round 3: Texas Road
For this round I had a break. With my pair we celebrated our 9-year anniversary in 6 November, so the race needed to be dropped.

Round 4: Sonoma
Well, let's get back to race after a small winter vacation :) Sonoma is one of the tracks I didn't really know, so I had to make a more stable and safe setup. I was surprised when I saw that my gap dropped to only 0,7 seconds to the pole sitter, Khaos.The start was ok, I went up to 3rd position, but with a small mistakes and a spin in halfway I found myself in 6th position. After that I fought back myself just behind P4thos in 4th positon, but thanks for a small dirty air and a curb, I spun and hit hard the wall just before the pit entry. I fell back to P7 and my only luck was that NCUK2002 spun in the same place as me, and could overtake him some laps before the end.
At that moment I was soooo far from the top 3 guys in the driver points, so I needed to make some changes in my strategies, setups and in my driving performance in order to reach my goal at the end of the season. That was to finish in the podium (fight for the final win? Are you kidding me?)

Round 5: Nordschleife
The Green Hell. Mother of all tracks. Nice to see the races, but hard to drive :) After the race of Sonoma I decided to change some things. I knew that if I do another trash race, my dreams just fly away. So, I practised more than before, and my setup was a way more agressive and unusual. I would like to tell you guys: before the race day I did about 30-40 laps, but I have no more than 2 laps without spins or crashes. So, I drove out from the pits on Wednesday with this experience...who knows, maybe the others have the same trouble. 15 minutes later: how the hell could Khaos run such a good lap??? Of course, I made a small mistake in my hotlap, touched a wall in the 4th minute of my lap, and the game took away my time...well, nice start, congrats to myself...
So, I started from the 7th position. In the first 3 minutes I overtooked Grabovac, Copper Nuts and Murdo. Then I was right behind P4thos and Bob, while Khaos was in the lead. I noticed that something need to be wrong with his car, because I could easily keep their speed, and to close the gap. Some corners later Khaos spun!! Bob overtooked P4thos because he slowed down to avoid the collision with Khaos. Myself was in the 3rd place. In the mid-section I had no chance against the 2 Audis, so was waiting for the long straight. But before we could have reach it, P4thos made a small mistake, which cost him his 2nd place. I was right behind Bob. In the long straight I was way faster than him thanks to the huge slipstream and my car's better speed. But he did a smart move and defending, so we started the 2nd lap in this order. The gap between us was never bigger than 0,5 a second. This fight was one of my most intense in simracing. Well, I knew that his car wil be slower at he end of the first longer straight part, and I decided to suprise him with a small divebomb. My maneuver was successfull, but after the race we discussed that he also needed to be careful to not collide with me. Finally, the overtake was clear and done. Guys, this 1,5 lap was my dream. Close fight, catching and pass others: pure (sim)RACING. This 15 minutes will be in my top 3 action forever :)
I was able to build a bigger and bigger gap to the guys behind, so I was preparing for my pit stop. In the 4th lap I was drive in the same way and position like before, but BOOM!! the inside curb took me to the wall, and lost my first place...I went to the box to fix my damage, and then I drove a clean sectors. Yes, you're right, I made another stupid mistake later. 3 corners before Karussel I cut a bit that fast left hander, and in the grass I lost my grip, and my car went to the wall. Lost my rear wing, damaged my front suspension and aero. So, 2nd pitstop was needed...after that we had only one lap to go, so finally I finished in P4. I was really mad, because I just threw away a potential win with these mistakes. Ok, the first wasn't my fault, but the second yes...Ok, just forget this race as soon as possible and head to the next one in Japan. 90 mins, reversed grid, more opportunities...and rain...

Round 6: Sakitto
This was the first reversed grid round in this season, so I was waiting for it. I started just in front of Bob, Tom and Khaos, and I knew that their cars are much better in wet conditions. So, it was nice to kept them behind me for some laps, but after a small mistake in the esses they overtook me and built up a gap. But this race was full of surprises and unexpected happenings. First of all we had a huge river in the middle of the first sector, which couldn't been avoidable, and doesn't matter the angle or the speed, it randomly took us fly. Another one was after the bridge, and we could find several smaller ones. So, these puddles were deadly, myself and all other guys were struggling with them. In the middle of the race I saw Khaos just before me, while Bob was chasing me for some laps. I enjoyed every minute of it, another close and fair fight with you, @BoblereN :) After that I had to pit, there was almost nothing left from my front tyres, but I didn't want to change to another wet tyres, so waited for the rain to stop. It happened so late, and I needed to do something to not to spin. After pitting my car and speed was way better, but not enough to catch the guys in front. And I had a small incident with the barrier, which caused me a supension damage and another pit. At that moment I was 3rd, but some laps later Khaos pitted again, and Bob was the leader. But I saw that he pits, as well, and his stop was so long. A few laps before the end I got the lead, and finally won my second race in the season. That was the hardest and most mental race in my two AOR seasons. The rain, the puddles, then the drying track with the lakes were horrible, but we survived. A small ray of hope raised for me in the championship.

Round 7: Le Mans Bugatti
Full of positive energy came from the 6th round's win I started to practice for the 7th round. This layout is not my favourite, the longer one is the real Le Mans :) So, I was hoping for some decent result, which can "keep me in game". And then I saw the post of @THR m0o0o7 in which he asked if he could race in the last 4 rounds. At that moment I felt that I won't have any more wins (and I was almost right). But it was a pleasure to race against such a nice and fast guy like him.
So, in the race day the qualy was won by M0o0o with a huge gap (I got almost 2 second! Until today I don't understand this.), and I got more than a second from Khaos, as well. I knew it will be a hard race. Started from 4th place because of a stupid grid penalty, and then I had a 3rd place after Tom's accident. In the middle of the race I had another fight with Bob (as usual :) ), and until the end I kept the podium. Khaos finished in front of me, so he raised his advantage in the overall points.

Round 8: Hockenheim Classic
Before the season started I knew that this track will suit for my car, so I needed to use it for my advantage. I had a bit more time to practice, which gave me the season's first pole, and after a very calm race I finished in 1st, plus I got the fastest lap, too. I was really happy to could beat M0o0o, I never thought it could happen :) And after that race I went up to first position in the points. I started to believe in the final win, but I had to calm down, and work with heads down. The penultimate round was my absolute nightmare: many corners, rain and warm conditions: instant death for the AMG. Let's see what we can do.

Round 9: Algarve
As I guessed, this race was a survival round for me. Started from 4th place, went up to 3rd and finished the race in the same place. My lead in the championship dropped to 1 point! And there came Spa :cool:

Round 10: Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps
This track is my absolute favourite track, even in GT3, GT1, F1 and any other classes. The layout, the flow of the corners, the high speed straights and corners: just awesome!! My only fear was that I couldn't make any decent race in Spa before. Struggling with oversteering, overheating of rear tyres, spins. So I knew that I have to use the Xmas break to build up a more stable and fast performance. If I need the title, I have to finish in front of Khaos.
So, I practiced for the race with different setups, tyres, fuel loads and so on.
I was really waiting for the race. I believed that if I finish "only" in the second place, it was a pleasure to race with you, guys! And what else could I hope for in my first Tier 1 season?? Of course, after Hockenheim I got "blood eye" as we say it in Hungary.
The reversed championship starting order meant that I need to start from the last place, and Khaos will have an advantage. The start was quite good, but while I had to avoid a contact in front of me, Khaos went up to 2nd place. In the next 23 laps we got no more than 5 secs gap between us. We pitted in the same lap. That was my only chance to overtake him or to close the gap and make a possible pass on him. Both of us had a small damage, but mine was a bit smaller, so I drove out first from the pits. My lead was about 6-7 seconds in the next 10 laps, but finally thanks to some small mistakes of Khaos I finished in 2nd place (yes, M0o0o won again :) ), which meant a champion title for me!

I just couldn't believe that...an absolutely average hungarian guy, who has raced only the second season in his pro sim racing career...

Well, I know that my post is a bit long, but I wanted to show you my feelings about the races, the league and you, guys. You're all such a nice and friendly people. We all have our own private life and we live all over the world, but one thing is common in us: the love of sim racing. I don't know how long the Project CARS 2 will have enough racers, but I hope in the next season I can meet with you in the track and we can make a competitive, close, fair and amusing season. Everybody need to know how fantastic community is our XB family :)

Finally I would like to say a big thank you for @willyblackhamer and @PapaBear in T2 for the organizing, keeping us together. You're fantastic, guys ;)

See you next time, and have a nice new year with new hopes, new possibilities and new successes.

Gerymaster_HUN - Gábor from Hévíz, Hungary
/ www.youtube.com/user/Gery199013 /
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Aug 2, 2019
Great read, thanks for taking the time to write it!

About moo.....(I got almost 2 second! Until today I don't understand this.)...so what's his secret??? :)