XB1 - AOR GT3 S14 - XB1 Tier 1 - Round 6 - Sakitto GP - 27.11.19 @8pm UK Time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

XB1 AOR GT3 S14 - XB1 Tier 1 - Round 6 - Sakitto GP - 27.11.19 @8pm UK Time


3 times AOR XB1 GT3 champion
May 26, 2019
My race wasn't more calm than yours @BoblereN :)
In the first 15 laps I had massive understeer, after that my front tyres were almost unusable. There was no grip, but huge oversteer, sliding...you could see my biggest drift in the esses, right after the biggest and most dangerous puddle. At that moment I had maybe 5% left from my front tyres, so went to pit.
In the box my team gave me 2 hard slicks front and left the used wets on the rear...so next lap I needed to pit again, plus I got a suspension and aero damage thanks to my favorite 1st puddle...after my second pit I was in 3rd place almost a lap behind @BoblereN and @KhaosTheory29.
In the dry I had better grip also with a damaged rear right suspension, and I saw that @KhaosTheory29 went to pit again, and some laps before the end I got the 1st place from Bob (now I know you crashed, as well), and finally managed to win this chaotic race.
There was no lap in which the puddles didn't throw my car in left or right direction. In every gear, with our without throttle, doesn't matter for the water...In the esses I hit the right wall three times.
Today later I will upload my pov, watch that if you are interested in ;)