PS4 - AOR GT3 S15 - PS4 Tier 3 - Rouen Les Essarts - 01.04.20 @8pm UK time |

PS4 AOR GT3 S15 - PS4 Tier 3 - Rouen Les Essarts - 01.04.20 @8pm UK time


AOR PS4 GT3 S13 T4 Champion
Apr 9, 2017
I have music on during races, so I will not join any party at all and dont stay in the lobby.
I an other championship we, just go to the side a little with the start. Only the nr 1 starts to drive, and when he passes the nr 2, the nr 2 will follow and so on. You can be formated before the first corner.
Yes, this is absolutely what should happen. You don't need to focus on anyone other than the person you're starting behind. Once they go past, you follow.
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Jan 14, 2014
didn't get a clear run and the only good run was with aero damage. way off my pb.

race 1....3rd
dodged a few bulits and got into 3rd, took few risks once I realised I couldn't push for the win maintained a constant pace. Happy with the result.

race 2....8th
Not happy with this result. Made a good move to take 2nd early in the race but at the end of the long straight got taken off the track @1h 07m 20s in @Toker_row video. My car was stuck with the other car for 30s and eventually after pitstop for damage, joined the race in 11th. Had a bit of fun racing, although 5 seconds apart, with @Chechum for the rest of the event.

Superb win for @McKinda . well done


Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 20, 2019
Had a blast with the 2 races, really enjoyed how close the field was, except for you @McKinda ;). First race was really good, second place was all there was to get for me. Setup worked really well on the softs for those little amount of laps of the first race. With the second race being twice as long, a bit more of a challenge came out of it, because of the first sector being so challenging, you needed full focus every time going through there, I slacked a bit, and spun, but that's fair and it is the challenge of racing. Should have put a bit more stability on for the second race. And damn @Tomji_, I was kinda afraid we touched or something on the final straight to the finish and that that put you off, luckily that wasn't the case, and that was really close till the line, awesome racing.

Once again guys, awesome racing, and let's see who handles a way twistier and shorter circuit the best(y)

And maybe a party isn't bad, since it would have the same chatter as the race lobby has, and everybody still mutes themselves when the race starts and all that, but now it is for sure that everybody hears what @Michel--NL has to say when it is important. Plus the audio quality is a bit better, and if you aren't interested and mute everybody in p cars already, you can just not join the party or mute everyone in the party:censored:
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