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PS AOR GT3 S16 - PS4 Evaluation Race 2 05-08-2020


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No lag with anyone I was racing. Only problem I had was an overheating engine. Went from catching @Slicker in 4th with 10 laps to go down to 8th by the end with 9% engine damage. Rear kept locking up on downshift as a result causing three mini spins. Apologies to the guys chasing me at the end. Lesson learnt.
Thanks guys for being there and complete the race (y)
I did see some lag spikes during the race. Anyone noticed some major problems with drivers?
From my pov it was good, i had little problems with frames when people rejoined or left the lobby. During our race i didn't see any driver lagging so, was clean
i was the one that broke his ffb during a social race at indy with gt3. In this race my headphones died with my pad just before rolling start (my turtle beach was connected to the pad). I did this race with TV audio and that was the worst experience of my entire life lol
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The lobby was good, sometimes a small internet freeze but thats pjc2 on the ps4.

I had a good race, did had some problems with overheating tyres wich made the car unpredictable sometimes.

Im looking forward to the championship.


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one massive lag moment from @O Pariah - went flying into barrier then reappeared half underground, taking someone out, not sure who, then landed on track in front of me