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PS AOR GT3 S16 - PS4 Tier 1 - Fuji - 14/10/2020 @8PM UK Time


AOR PS4 Ginetta G40 Jr Pro Champion
Dont think you caused my spin. We spun at the same time. I got hit several times in my spin and ended on the roof. No one can be blamed.
ahhh didnt realise you just span, thought it was me spinning that caused multiple cars to have a smash as it all happened the same time.


PS4 GT3 S9 AM Champion
First want to congratulate @Bodhie on the championship, well done man and no mean feat to beat @Jarryd Vermeulen . Thanks for a great calendar and conditions and to you and @Slicker for all the codding, thanks to Jess and Evil for comms and to everyone for the racing over the course of the season. Some of you were new to GT3 and did yourselves proud overall and some old-timers I've raced before, and it was a great mix for that reason. Thanks Again @Slicker for another season of teaming up.

Race was over obviously on lap 1 with the incident but that's how it goes sometimes. Unfortunate one, 10 secs behind anyone after the pits and many laps alone after a solid qualy was disappointing. But hey ho.

6th in the league, happy enough with that, had sights on 5th though so not quite the target but hopefully get to race another season of something with you guys in the future.
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Formula Karter
A bit late, but massive thanks to everyone helping to organize this. It was a lot of fun to participate.
And of course special congrats to Tinus for winning this championship.

I'm one of the many corona baby's of sim racing. So when this league started I didn't know what to expect.
What I take away most is, like Essa also said somewhere: never give up. In Silverstone I was maybe 13th on pace, but kept my head down, did my own race and ended up 5th. I was super pleased with that one.
Low and high point was Spa. Had a great race, was on for 4th until Essa crashed on the last lap. We had a short battle for 3rd and I lost it, falling down to 5th with 30s of racing to go..
I was proud of my race but it took me 2 days to get over the frustration of that crash.
In the end 7th in the championship, very happy about it.

It's a shame I'm just too late to the PC2 party and everything is shifting elsewhere atm. It was a pleasure I could race with you all this season.

I'll be hanging around, hope to see everyone again somewhere sometime.