AOR GT3 S9 PC Semi-Pro Round 9: Bathurst - 25.4.18 @8pm |

AOR GT3 S9 PC Semi-Pro Round 9: Bathurst - 25.4.18 @8pm

eaZed neptune

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Jun 22, 2016
yeah was sliding myself near the end and had a lot of understeer.... then got a face full of my desktop as the game minimised for driver update.....thanks nvidia (y):banghead:.i thought i turned it off the other week but when i checked the auto update box it was on again:facepalm:..luckily when game screen came back i was rubbing against the wall with suspension damage last turn last lap:rofl:
i had @Corne breathing down my neck though all race and he made me sweat :drowning:
bad luck to @Newy656 and @Midweekcoma guys were faster i couldnt keep up and i would have definitely finished behind you 2 if not for your crash
congrats to @fireflaai on championship(y)
@Clank24401 not sure if you got chance to screenshot results before i left?... i pressed my talk button and it made me quit game about 5 secs into leaderboard screen :facepalm:(really need to remap that):rofl:
ive got one of my recording if needed though


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Feb 19, 2018
Sorry could not make the race - was away and without internets


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May 18, 2015
Bathurst is a track that you love or hate & I love it, even if my race didn't go to plan,
Matched my PB in quali to line up on the front row, I knew @fireflaai would disappear into the distance, I thought me & @Midweekcoma had a good chance of 2nd 3rd so I told myself "keep it clean & out of the walls" .......

NO that's were it started to go wrong, coming down the downhill section into the Esses I clipped the wall, luckily no damage but lost 2 places, but gained back when @eaZed neptune let me through then midweek went wide but a few laps later at the same section I spun it, in my panic to drop it down into 1st I went to far & into reverse so instead of going forwards to clear the way for my teammate I went backwards making the situation worse so there was no were to go but into me (sorry again Craig) that gave us both a lot of damage & we had to pit,

Think when I came out I was almost last so I just had to make the best of it, still an enjoyable race, & in the dying laps I closed right in onto the back of @F4H MaR4uDer but it was to late as the Chequered Flag came out.

Congrats to @eaZed neptune & @Corne for 2nd & 3rd... & Big congrats to @fireflaai on the win & also the championship, there was no one stopping you.... (well maybe 1 person could of got close @WhiteGhost2000) forget "Pro" I think you definitely deserve a spot in elite next season!
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