AOR GT3 Season 9 - Feedback Thread |

AOR GT3 Season 9 - Feedback Thread

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AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016

AOR Project CARS GT3 Leagues - Season 9

Feedback Thread
As Season 9 comes to an end, it is time to look back and gather some thoughts on what went well and where we could improve the league racing experience here at AOR for everyone taking part or maybe just watching on the action on stream.
Season 9 was, with 10 rounds, quite a bit longer than Season 8, which served as a test season for the newly released Project Cars 2. Still, Season 9 has seen several large updates to the game, with significant changes to the cars. We also introduced the weather centre.

Your Feedback
To keep everything legible please use headlines for a specific topic, i.e.:

I want more rain races!

If your topic is specific to a platform, please also indicate that clearly.

We appreciate your feedback and will try to take as much as possible into account for the next season. Thank you!


F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 28, 2016
Live things how they are @aor great variety of date, wheather and time schedule. Few things that Might improve things:

- laps instead of maximum time for a race
- perhaps a future race and after that a sprintende with reverse grid

Basically Thats iT lol Will sign up for season 10 for sure!
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 9, 2016
I have mostly enjoyed the series, tracks were good with interesting weather variants. It still feels like the Ferrari is faster than most other makes?

The BIG downer for me is quitters!! There must be a penalty system in place for drivers who drop out when the going gets tough! If your car gets damaged you must continue to race, it is unfair on everyone else when you drop out.

The current results sheets have entries for not starting "DNS" and disconnecting "DSC" for so called legitimate net failures, but nothing for damage/bored/not in the mood/my bum hurts quitters, this needs addressing.

Damage quitters added to just plain don't bother to turn up drivers means some very lonely races in depleted grids.

Even though I enjoy my racing these are my biggest disappointments, enough even for me to take a rest from the next season racing.


AOR iRacing GTE S8 AM Champion
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Dec 20, 2017
Have enjoyed this season very much with it being my first. Agree about people quiting early on for damage instead of pitting and trying to race on as positions can still be made and points still earned, on console anyway.
Points I will make are:
- I felt timed races rather than laps ran better especially Zolder with the weather transition as racing that with laps instead I felt shortened the dry period massively.
- maybe more variety in race times, long beach seemed to be the only night race, I think it would be good with 2 night races to add variety throughout the season.
- finally as something a bit different maybe add a double point race at some point in the calendar as that could spice up the standings table.

All that aside great season put together by AOR and a big thanks to all the co-ordinators for making it happen :)(y)
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Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Nov 14, 2017
I think for the most part this season was great apart from some trouble the game gave. On top of that, I think night races should me more carefully picked. When driving on Long Beach at night I had serious frame rate problems. Apart from that I had a great experience and I will definately be back for S10


PS4 GT3 S9 AM Champion
Jan 30, 2018
Very enjoyable and well ran by coordinators hosts / mods, really enjoyed it.

Scoring - Add a point for the fastest lap maybe otherwise nowt.

Calendar / weather
as said, would have one full night race. Mix of circuits was good, would welcome one more flagship race though - .ie. Spa francorschamps, watkins glen, le mans / imola etc rather than one of the others such as zhuhai / fuji but not a biggie. Just please never pick ruapuna. Also, the mix of date etc was good, but would welcome going all in on the start times, such as night to dawn or dusk to dark. A couple races were a bit of a tease with this and the transition was only slight. eg bathurst this time around.

Slighty more rain would be good too say at 3 events rather than 2. At zolder he rain was minimal unfortuantely. In the weather centre or on the race calendar, post the season of year that will be used. It's not always obvious with certain months. Feb/August but that might be just me.

With the racing i too think it's problem when people quit if they've crashed (sometimes 2 crashes to be fair for some unfortunates). Not sure what you can do about this though.

Thanks for what's been a great season
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Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Nov 13, 2016
I think the season in general has been great! A few odd things like weird starts, and such but overall I've enjoyed my first season for sure! I think what I'd like to see in the future is some form of car limitation so that it's not a Ferrari challenge which has been mentioned in the chat. Something along the lines of either an RNG number generator for who gets to pick their car first or slowest driver gets to pick first (May result in sandbagging). But if you get y our 32 drivers for a given league, literally hit an RNG Generator, 1-32, first number out picks their car first and through the order you go until all 32 have chosen. Alternatively you could go with teams so RNG 1-16 etc.

Just an idea, but I do love the AOR GT3 league, I think it's brilliantly run so keep it up (Not sure if I can make season 10)

Daniel Nesterowicz

AOR PC GT3 Pro S8 Champion
Nov 21, 2015
The Hosts/coordinators are champs in my view - amazing job. here is my take:

Weather centre = Super nice system!
Quitters = Penalty
BOP = may pcars2 fix it if not - how about Ferrari set the air intake limiter (could be set at a stateed value- if someone then still is OP - it could be seen in replay)
Lap vs time ( just make a decision and stay with it - never change mid season)
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Really Useful Person
Oct 24, 2016
Ok so here is my feedback from watching and partaking in the season.
Calendar:10 rounds is ideal,from it I would want 3 wet races,1 dawn race,1 dusk race and 1 full on night race.It would be nice if about 4 of the tracks were rolled over for the next season.
Weather Centre:I think this feature worked nicely.Another addition that could be nice would be a % of rain chance given at the start of the season so for Dubai this season it could say 1% but for Red Bull Ring it could be 95% and Zolder maybe 60%.This way people have an idea but nothing confirmed until the week before.
Format:I like the 60 minute timed race format,but I would suggest upping to 65 to add in the formation lap.
Quitters:It is hard to say whether their should be a penalty or not.Blatant quitting yes,something unexpected coming up no.
Co-Ordinators:Good job as always.
Points:Good how it is for PC.But on console maybe a change so the differences decrease the lower position you finish,which isn't always the case right now.Also,one for Fastest Lap would be a good idea.
Standings:Maybe offer overall standings for races as well,since especially with quitters it makes it interesting,for example,I worked out that I was 21st overall in both my appearances by looking at results.
BOP/Car Selection:I think it is best as it is at the moment.Personally I would remove the SLS AMG GT3 and Z4 GT3,but with the official SMS tag we should probably keep with the SMS BoP.
Track Limits:A big discussion,but I think that they should stay as they are.
Driver Spirit:Sadly,what had at least appeared to be good driver spirit deteriorated at the Zolder round,with some drivers rightly feeling witch-hunted.A proposal to counter this would be that you a separate Stewards Enquiry called "PC2 [Platform] [Tier] Season X Round Y [Track] Track Limits be created with a longer,maybe 96 hour,time period,so all replays can be checked and not just anyone that benefits you,a teammate or a friends race result or championship position.
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Pro Karter
Feb 15, 2018
Great time racing in my first league but very very dissapointed in the tracks,long beach,Bathurst where a big mistake in my opinion we could of gone to catalunya,nurburgring,brno,many more tracks, also the time races started was disappointing racing at 8pm or 5am every week was a bit silly we should be racing at 1pm 2pm,anyway I have enjoyed the racing

Tex Wheeler

Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 13, 2018
Decent, could have been more non-F1 tracks such as COTA and Silverstone. Something a bit more special like Oulton Park etc. More proper night races, less dusk/dawn. Shorter race length (40-45min), unless mandatory pitstops are introduced. Actually, I would prefer shorter sprint races with one or two longer rounds with pitstop. A few races less would be good; season length preferably 6-8 races.

Track limits:
Otherwise good, but IMO sometimes using all of a curb should be allowed. For example, in Zolder stay between white lines, except in the chicanes you can use the whole inside. Same with WGI and Daytona busstops and so on. Penalties should not be based on the time spent outside white lines, but the time gained (if exceeding track limits aren't happening constantly). In Silverstone race, I went little wide and game gave me 30 seconds penalty immediately. I lifted off shortly after and even let car behind pass, any time I could possibly gained from that was obviously lost. Yet, when I raised an inquiry, the penalty was reduced only to 3 seconds, which is IMO nonsense, even when it didn't have effect to final standings.

Random stuff:
Personally I'd like if cockpit view would be forced in higher tiers, but I can see why that wouldn't get much support.
Driving standards were generally good, but could have been better. Some passes were made, where drivers didn't have enough overlap to actually "own" the racing line, leaving the responsibility to not crash on car actually "owning" the racing line.
Racing would have been more fun, if BOP would have been better. But there is not much AOR can do about it, other than help SMS.
All in all, the league is ran very well, and the racing have been mostly fun and enjoyable. (y) Committing for 10 week season is a bit hard though. Don't know yet if I will race in following season, the endurance league seems more interesting at the moment.


F1 2nd Driver
Apr 4, 2015
I think in general the season has been great but for me the issue is the Ferrari race pace which makes it almost impossible to beat on pure pace and if SMS are not going to do something about it you should just ban it in season 10 you've got Audi,AMG, Lambo, Renault and porsche which are all quite close on pace plus the M6 which is also quite quick. I've been watching another very fast german league on youtube and they have NO Ferrari's allowed and the race order varies from race to race with all the cars extremely close, and lets be honest the 488 should of been banned ages ago 90% of the races are extremely predictable.

Alex Varic

Premium Member
Premium Member
Oct 30, 2015
Calendar and Weather
I didn't like many of the tracks that were on this year but's that's just me. Loved the weather centre (although please just put the weather in the race thread op!) and perfect season length. A mid-season break would be nice.

Tiering and Points system
Very good on the whole, but in the lower tiers the winner tends to be based on the driver who finishes most races. Therefore I think more of an F1 style points system for console would be good, or even old F1 where top 6 or 8 finish in the points. Means people have to try just a little harder to get points. My only worry is this will make people even more inclined to quit.

Just ban the Ferrari. Would lead to excitement and interest in higher tiers. Doesn't affect tier 4 so much though.

Back to the 3 car team, 2 cars score system in pcars1 plz.

I'll probably think of a million more things in which case I'll just add a new post.


F1 Senna Equivalent
Mar 28, 2016

Nice calendar seemed really enjoyable although I think for next season we should introduce sprint and endurance races like Blancpain e.g. including quali

Monza (30min Sprint Race)
Le Mans (1.30 Endurance)
Dubai Autodrome (30min Sprint)
Brands Hatch (30min Sprint)
Daytona Road (1.30 Endurance)
Nurburgring (30min Sprint Race)
Silverstone (30-45min Sprint Race)
COTA (1.30 Endurance)
Watkins Glen International (30min Sprint Race)
Spa (1.30 Endurance)

All Endurance Day/Night, then select a couple night races for sprints like Dubai and Nurburgring. Just a thought. Obviously not those actual tracks they’re just examples.

Weather is fine for me personally.

Track limits are fine also.

Ferrari needs to be banned, from watching the races this season and my own racing I can tell how much fun it would be if we had variety of cars such as Porsche, Lambo and BMW.