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PC AOR GT3 Semi-Pro League - Main Thread


AOR Admin
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AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
Didn't really have much banter in TS with you guys but just to say thanks for your participation and I hope to see you all around on the forum whether it be back here for Season 6 or in F1....or even a proper game (NOT A GAME, ITS A SIM) called iRacing.....

Also a good job well done to @ramdrop as he's done a great job, and mostly a better job than me and @FisiFan91 in the staff forums side of the job haha :smuggrin:


F1 Champion
Jun 13, 2016
I just want to say a big thank you guys for the season :D
When I came here I was exprecting to be a backmarker but then I just exploded on me keyboard and put up some good performances exprecialy Dubai were I came 4th and Doninghton were I got a pole :) and at the end of the season the pad came now I can build up on everithing I learned this season


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Oct 21, 2015
Many of you improved a lot. But my first answer is @GA89. The laptimes that you burned into the track at the end of this season were awesome.
Thanks @grobi0815. Tried my best, still a lot of room for improvement. Monza and Hockenheim was tracks that i knew well and Sonoma, well i guess i got lucky that Papand helped with setup, don't like that track :D


Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 2, 2016
Better late then never i guess..

Wanted to say sorry for my absence in the last races, after the nordschleife race i kind of got busy and eventually kind of lost interest in Project Cars. Should have been more clear and should have left a message earlier so want to apologise for that.

Recently picked up Assetto Corsa and have been enjoying that a lot as well, Project cars is a great game/sim but the amount of bugs and Disconnection/crashing issues kind of got me a little frustrated (luckily haven't been victim to them too much).

Probably will still be playing for the 2.4 hr / endurance events and such as this is something AC doesn't have, so might see some of you around those hopefully! =).

AOR is a good community and the racing is well organised, so thanks Ramdrop for your efforts ;)