PS4 - AOR GT3 Semi-Pro League S5- Round 9- Bathurst - 7/9/16- 8PM BST |

PS4 AOR GT3 Semi-Pro League S5- Round 9- Bathurst - 7/9/16- 8PM BST


AOR PS4 GT3 Semi-Pro S7 Champion
May 26, 2015
absolutely bouncing with that result. Only 0.2 off Archie in qualy to start 3rd and mixing it with the 2 big boys (who should be kicked out of the league by the way ;-) until I gave Gaz too much respect while trying to pass him into 1st, dipped a wheel on the grass and had a nasty incident. Really sorry whoever that was who I took with me, my reply is all jumbled up.

Got suspension damage but not a problem I'll sort it at the pit stops, oh no, I could run that race twice without pitting for tyres (great rule that).

Fought back to 3rd and was gratefully let through by my team mate to have a go at Archie and stefano I think (nice drive if it was). Couldn't catch up though and the mountain was like driving with 3 wheels the more the tyres wore. Eventually 2nd place pitted which left me 20 seconds behind Archie.

Last few laps had a flying xenomorph and Gaz to content with who were catching me fast but with 2 laps to go thought I had it covered. Managed to survive the ballsy-est dive down the inside from both of them after the last long straight and drove to the chequered flag with my chin on the floor! Did not see that move coming at all!

Well done Archie and everyone else who got round, that was very tricky. Delighted with 2nd after missing Nordschleife and that disaster at donnington, was starting to get a bit downhearted!
I had aero damage and you looked a lot faster than me so i thought id let you through to have a go. Plus more points for the team. (y)
Well done on the second mate.
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Formula 3 Test Driver
May 22, 2016
Happy to have finished this race in one piece! I know im not the fastest on the track and my aim at each race at the minute is to finish. So I was delighted to do so with very few accidents.

I had one little spin, lap 17 once I had come out of the pits. During my first stint, my front right tyre was on fire so knew I would have to pit. After I came out on fresh tyres, they handled differently and I couldnt get any heat into the front tyres! Very sureal. Managed to hold @YabbaTheHutt off and hold on for 7th.
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F1 Reserve Driver
Jul 15, 2016
Sorry guys, I properly threw my toys out of the pram, right after I smashed into a concrete wall for he third time.

I ran a practise qualy last night on my own and set six laps in the 2:09's with the best being a 2:09:020 which would of put me 5th I think, but I struggled to get a lap in and ended up with a high 2:10 in last place.

In the race I just made a steady start and slowly picked of zoglug, yabba, xenomorph and Gary after they had made mistakes and I was happily chasing slacker, quite impressed with how I was racing and then I spun on the third corner, sorry to @YabbaTheHutt as it was right in front of him. I had clipped the wall but it damaged my suspension so I limped to the pits in last place. I then somehow spun on my first lap out and damaged my suspension again so it was two pit stops in two laps.

After that I got on a bit of a roll and set a few good lap times, clipped the wall again and the car started pulling bit to the right but I could cope with it it and it didn't effect my lap times. Until I royally f*cked up and put it into the wall so badly the car hardly drove and I was about to get lapped by the the person in 9th place. That's where my race ended. :banghead:


F1 Reserve Driver
Jun 15, 2016
:mad::mad::mad: About 20 laps in P2 behind @Archie619 but i did something wrong with fuel and pitted few lap before ending the race. Finished 6th with damage because of a crash in the final lap. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

Anyway i liked this race,
I had a good start with a fantastic overtake in LAP2 when I was at full speed 284kmh :sneaky: and passed @YabbaTheHutt + @Slacker_1980

In LAP3 @Gary Waddell + @Griff1894 had a contact so i went from P6 to P4 then i was lucky to avoid @Xenomorph79 accident... In the replay you can see @Gary Waddell BMW in the back leaving black stripes on asphalt due to hard braking!

WOW i m P2 ... had a good pace, many laps about 5 seconds behind archie, then he begins to fly.. :(
I was thinking could finish in P2 because pit stop wasn t necessary.. then FUEL NIGHTMARE: 50litre refuel for last 7 laps!!! Nooo!! :nailbiting:

Congratulation to @Griff1894 for his first podium (y)

Waiting for Monza! It's my home track!
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F1 Reserve Driver
Jun 15, 2016
I did'n practise so much and I invented a random setup as happened in some others races. I think everyone needs practise to improve performance or learn a new track as I do, but sometimes maybe is more realistic to practise just the same day of the race.
I read about a new rule in AC PC LEAGUE That sounds good:
--- "With a view to keeping the racing as close and fair as possible, we will be with-holding the track venue until very shortly before the race on each Monday. This is being done to prevent some drivers which have more spare time, from being able to spend time practicing the car / track combination, and therefore counter any advantage from building a tuned setup, compared to others how do not have the available time to practice" --- etc.. etc..


AOR PS4 Clio Cup T2 Champion
May 5, 2016
Game (Like my qualifying attempts) crashed. Struggled on the circuit and made mistake after mistake. Would have been in for a frustrating race but a race nonetheless.


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jun 28, 2016
This one was a shock to me. I had done very little practice due to some personal stuff going on that I have had to deal with lately so was expecting to struggle. Qualified a good 2nd place with a decent lap. In the race I realised I had went the wrong way with setup and put too much downforce on the car so I was a sitting duck on the straights but able to hold up on the twisty sections. Then on lap four I managed to take the lead and saw a big accident in the mirrors. From there I kept a fairly slow pace I felt managing fuel and tyres to make sure I could make the end without having to stop which I managed.

Not a fan of that track but pleased with the result. Now onto Monza which is one I really enjoy

Gary Waddell

1-time AOR PS4 GT3 Pro Champion
Jun 18, 2016
A race to forget for me :(

Lap 4 I managed to wipe out a white Mclaren - sorry about that. I then pit with damage and set about 25 Quali laps. On lap 18 I then binned it. The damage was costing me 3s a lap so I decided pitting would be the quickest route to the end. I binned it entering the pits on the barrier, had to reverse out of it. Then on the last lap managed to catch P2 & P3. Things were getting tasty into the 2nd last corner, but I just braked that bit too late and wiper out @Xenomorph79. I slowed down to let him back past for the finish line.

Toto has coined the nickname crash bandicoot :(
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